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Como obtener los datos de los dominios .tel

telproxy JSON API

Hello everyone, we're thinking about exposing the .tel DNS data via HTML/JSON. Essentially, a TelProxy? that returns JSON content. As such, I've set up a sample implementation of it at labs.telnic.org which is very much a work in progress at the moment. You can access the API through the following:


where TYPE is one of:
- all
- naptr
- txt
- loc
- ninfo (the header text, but see below)

and DOMAIN is the domain that you want to lookup.

You can also add '&pretty=1' if you want a nicely formatted JSON string for reading with your eyes.



This is where we're looking for feedback. We've attempted to pre-process the stuff that'll be difficult to do in Javascript, while leaving the rest as untouched as possible. So you won't need to deal with regexes or need to extract the labels. Let us know what you think, it's pretty self-explanatory.


- At this time, if you're looking for the header info, don't request 'ninfo' as the data isn't in the NINFO DNS record, but in the TXT records. So don't use NINFO right now. Also you need to request 'all' or 'txt' if you want the dds string (i.e. the title of the domain/page).

- When this goes in production, it'll be a "real" RESTful URL in the sense that you'll just need to query: http://henri.tel/json/all to get all the data for henri.tel

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