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Conocimiento de SEO Top 10 - June 2011

The Moz Top Ten
What You Need to Know in the World of SEO
JUNE 2011
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Google's Panda Update 2.2 has recently launched, and in this Whiteboard Friday, Rand discusses its impact on SEOs.
Google launched the highly anticipated "+1" recommendation button as well as the "rel=author" tag (with some noise about a possible AuthorRank)!
Our annual, in-depth study of ranking factors based on expert analysis is now available.
Speaking of ranking factors... Search Engine Land created a ranking factors tutorial and infographic that's just as educational as it is attractive.
The social media giant provides some numbers to validate why we add its social features to our sites.
Distilled's Justin Briggs takes a closer look at how search rankings may change based on user behavior.
Startup SignNow reveals some interesting data around their foray into Facebook Ads and what they've learned.
Venture Capitalist Mark Suster provides seasoned advice about hiring practices for successful startups.
Rand states why it's important to invest in a social media expert in response to Peter Shankman's post about how he'll never hire social media experts.
HubSpot recounts some really insightful marketing presentations that we can learn from. (We're honored to be included in the list!)

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