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Telnic and Social Media, and the chances of Dot Tel.

Talking about the social web area:
Social Web will be very important in the future.
The Dot Tel online business card, or contact info card goes very well with social media web links.
And therefore, the Dot Tel Domain, which favors, and is benefitting from the existance of existing social media websites, is in fact, a strong player within the internet itself, next to Google and Facebook, WikiWorldBook, Twitter, etc.

The importance of the .Tel search engine on every .Tel page.
By using this „on page" search engine, you can go to, and visit, directly loads of other .Tel pages, which increases the amount of .Tel's that get to be visited, and helps .Tel to get to be known on a broader basis within the Internet.

Furthermore, the Dot Tel domain is indeed making a very important step within mobile web.

So, this is very important to be aware of: Telnic and its domain is getting strong in both fields:
--> the social media web, and
--> the mobile web.

Why should a internet domain want its own search engine, for only looking up domains with the same extension? Because .Tel domains all work and can be used the same, basically. It does make sense, to surf „from .Tel domain to .Tel domain". Especially, if you are only looking for contact information.

Because the Dot Tel domain is social media friendly, and mobile phone friendly, as well, it will be one of the most important players in Internet.

The Dot Tel domain will then be a interesting model for making tidy revenues, when custom advertising can be easily achieved and set up, without depending on third party providers.
Mind you: Neither Facebook, has achieved a working model for making profits through its website.
(The Facebook shop feature, might help the user to earn money, but not Facebook itself.)
Another thing, you should be aware of: For violating data privacy, millions of users have left Facebook. With the Dot Tel domain, you can keep your privacy contact info, within „TelFriends", where it can only be accessed with a username and password.

Putting all the important featurs together, we see:

--> the social media web,
--> the mobile web,
--> .Tel only search engine on each page,
--> privacy protection with TelFriends.

The Dot Tel domain was not very successful, because Telnic, the registry, made many mistakes, and did a very slow and poor promotion.

But still a lot of great chances open, and many highly competitive features and qualities: But without a lot of attention, put in development, and without some agressive promotion, it might be hard for .Tel, nevertheless, to reach mainstream, and be a usefull helper for anybody, and any business.

The Dot Tel domain has the potential to become really big and important within Internet.
Therefore, Telnic should avoid making too many mistakes, and seriously spend a important sum of money for promoting the Dot Tel domain.

Only groath can lead to the success of a company. And for websites, it is esential, how you get traffic, and how much traffic you get. And traffic, should not only depend on using Google.
This means: Engagement in Facebook & Co., and using Twitter, and building up faithful readers (Feed- and Newsletter abonements), and last, but not least: The intensive and interactive linking with other websites (very important).

SEO, will sure be important, also in the future, but that will not be enough.

Discussions about products and services are moving towards the social webs, and away from business websites. This fact, demands an other kind of thinking (and probably acting).

Mobile web, is slowly getting real. Which requires, to adapt own websites and offers.

Whoever depends on revenues for his webprojects from and with Google, should look for other sources for making revenues. But revenues comming from AdSense and AdWords, might remain important for Dot Tel holders/owners.

However, it will get more and more important, to pay a lot of attention, maintinaing direct contact with clients and potential clients.

The web is under constant change. A company with a web presence, or which is a player within the web, must constantly be active, and improve its services and products, or else it will get overridden by its competitors.

The Dot Tel domain is quite good, in that aspect, because it is quite indipendant and flexible, able to adapt to the markets and demands.

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