domingo, 10 de octubre de 2010

Mail in Google Apps para un dominio .tel

Google Apps has gone through a lot of changes recently and they have a new system for setting up their Google Apps suite.

The other day I tried to set up a dot tel to Google Apps, something that I have done in the past but this time I got blocked. I set the MX records correctly and waited for the 48 hour verification multiple times. Pretty much everytime I log into the system they say that they were not able to verify my website.

The verification options they give me are as follows:

1) Add a DNS record to your domain's configuration
You can use this option if you can sign in to your domain registrar or hosting provider and add a new DNS record.

2) Add a meta tag to your site's home page
You can choose this option if you can edit your site's HTML.

3) Upload an HTML file to your server
You can choose this option if you can upload new files to your site.

There is no longer the CName option which I have used in the past. My question is what option should I choose to verify my dot tel and what steps must I take to meet this criteria.


the option DNS Record after you have added the following information to your dot tel domain under 'Free Text:'google-site-verification=VsAf4pE0xbs7WojOzwN-APPbH7Hg9PgmnShAgvvVKlk

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