jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

Poco a poco tenemos que ir cambiando hacia las nuevas tendencias, y ahí están los dominios .tel

QR-Codes and Dot Tel domains: QR-Codes help save your time, weather you are a buyer, or seller.

Click on the picture, to enlagre (twice), or use the link, below.

Hi folks,

Imagine selling QR-Code stickers with embeded Dottel subdomains, as a package (code sticker with (mobile) internet presence / online advert page).

Imagine, going to http://codebook.tel

, and then from there, to: http://www.qrcb.tel/
(of course, you can go directly, once you are familiar with the therm).

Finally, what you get, is a generated code of your personal page on www.qrcb.tel.

The page, will then be your advert: Stick it wherever you want, and so that it can be seen.
For example, on advertising cards on notice boards in supermarkets, schools, universities, shops, and so on.

For the client, it is a no-brainer, as well, because he can save time, not having to look for a pen and paper, and not having to read all of the content of the advert: He can simply scan the advert with his smart phone (iPhone, for example).

So, you get a web page, and a QR-Code, related to it, and last, but not least, you also get a personal web address:


Or even something shorter, like for example, http://candy.qrcb.tel, or bmw.qrcb.tel. And which is your personal "book page" within the big "Quick Response Code Book" (qrcb.tel).

Mind you: These are .Tel pages, that get seen, on the go, anywhere. they get noticed, and a lot of attention, as you can simply scan them on the go, and read them later.

It is much less fiddly, because neither you, nor your client, must grab a pen...
And you can update your advert, whenever you like, in near real time. Also, on the go, from your mobile device, if you wish.

Needless to say, that your clients can also easily share and/or scan your advert, while viewing your advert page: There are a few social media networking links, as well as generated QR-Code, which you can use via link to a other website, where they are displayed.
Such a (free) service provider, is for example, is http://www.delivr.com.

The additional link within your advert page, may look something like this:

It's brilliant, if you fully think of all this potential for advertising...!

Jump on the band wagon now, set up your business, spread the word, make big bucks...

Ok, now happy experimenting, with QR-Codes!

After Facebook, comes Codebook: Your code, is your face. Hey: This is about big business..., not chitt-chatt.

...And, oh: Codebook looks great on iPhone, too:

Have fun

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