sábado, 30 de octubre de 2010

Aún quedan grandes oportunidades en los dominios .tel

Tel-Domains: Great opportunities for "gold diggers"

Since February 3rd 2009, .tel domains are available to the general public on a first-come, first-served basis. How is .tel different? A .tel domain allows the owner to create a personalized or branded online presence without needing to build a website or pay for monthly hosting and management. All other top level domains require further investment and the development of web pages or email accounts, whereas .tel does not. All existing top level domains are concerned with locating and hosting websites, while the .tel is not. Rather than being stored in web pages, making them difficult or expensive to access over mobile devices, the .tel allows businesses and individuals to store an unlimited number and all types of contact information directly in the Domain Name System (DNS) as data records. Why is storing data in the DNS important? Using the DNS as a data store enables individuals and businesses to utilize this powerful system to publish information globally, securely, quickly and easily. Because no websites need to be created, much less time is required in order to publish information. The data is delivered as live information rather than web page content and is formatted appropriately for any device accessing the .tel domain. The .tel domain will have huge implications in terms of speed, global reach, real-time updating, improved control and the optimization of content for mobile devices. What are the key benefits for businesses? * Integration of all means of

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