miércoles, 27 de octubre de 2010

Bonitas plantillas en los dominios .tel por ejemplo en lucywang.tel

Nuevas y bonitas plantillas en China.  Además ya se está hablando de pasar de los 3000 registros que permiten ahora los dominios .tel a los 100.000 . Aún no lo hacen y me imagino que pasará un tiempo, pero es importante el saber que el mercado indica que si uno cambia a 100.000 registros, el resto tendrá que hacerlo.
Noticed this interesting development today

 I don't speak or read chinese. And google translate won't work on https sites, so I couldn't find or understand how to pay on the trename.com shopping cart page. I would like to, so CAN please help...

Anyways, doing a little research, I have been able to mock render up our website with about 30 of the templates that seem to be on offer, and wow...excellent work from telchina!!! This really changes everything. I'm extremely happy to discover this because it's JUST before we were to make a 2nd serious attempt at a marketing push in the boracay community. Billboards, etc etc. Just imagine now though, a different theme for every day of the week, or month, or season, and in particular for directories! A Different template per subdomain??? per category???... But keeping .tel logo prominent throughout.

Sneek low-res peek here (Please remove if telnic/telchina wish it removed)

If anybody else wishes to pay for a domain with telchina and wants to see all the other templates (about 30 I think), just PM me and I'll send you a link to some glossy screenshots. They are awesome.

Anyway, this too is BIG news about CHINA.

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