viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2012

Skype Status Button on .tel domain

TELcp has added a new feature for the .tel domain. Both tel Owners and ten Users can now display the Skype Status Button on any .tel page. As shown above, the status button will be displayed right under the header of the .tel page and occupies the space allocated for top image ad (image banner). The Real Time status of the Skype user will be clearly displayed on desktop proxy and mobile proxy.

 The only disadvantage is that the ,tel User/Owner has to sacrifice the top banner to pave the way for the newcomer. However, .tel based directories will be greatly benefited from this feature.

 Looking forward to improve the VOIP capability between .tel pages (.tel page Users), so that family members and company staff sharing single .tel domain to display all their contact details will be able to maintain private communication network within the .tel.

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