martes, 18 de septiembre de 2012

Lifting Up the .tel

Here one of the best suggestions to Telnic to expand the .tel experience:
Consider forming another subsidiary to sell the original concept of the .tel (without ads, videos etc) with multiple sub domains under different packages.
Lift the restrictions/throttling.
Charge according to the bandwidth/transactions.
Allow multinational companies to have their own directories.
Let the mobile companies to give away free tel page to each and every customer.
We will single handedly promote the .tel to more than 1 million willing customers (without charging them) worldwide.
Or we will hand over you the required tel domains back to you. You can do the needful.
We will tel you the targeted customers.
.tel will FLY.
Proof for this method going to be successful.
I can contact 1 million+ targeted customers by email (worldwide) without violating the CAN-SPAM act 2003.
And I have the right tel domain for this purpose.
(With that alone I hope I could generate 100,000 – 150,000 new regs).
Once proved, Telnic can show results to telcos.
This way all (Telnic, Telcos, domain investors, registrars, resellers, developers) will get benefited.
But all depends on what Telnic wants to do.
Based on 3000 sub domains @ 100 records per sub domains and the average price tag for registration of a single .tel domain around $10.00, consider the following.
1) 1 million sub domains @ 3 records per sub domain – reg price per domain $100.00
2) 2 million sub domains @ 3 records per sub domain – reg price per domain $200.00
Sell to interested parties and mobile telcos.
Telnic is the one who should initiate this as they have already shown us that they can create subsidiaries to market tel domains.
P.S. re: above statement promoting to more than 1 million worldwide, we need to publish only 3 NAPTR records on each page.
1. mobile number
2. email address
3. link to another mobile (which they will be compelled to buy later on to publish their other contact details, geo location, links to
social media etc.
Author: TELcp

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