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I emailed Apple a year ago. Just got a reply that they are always looking for ways to improve products and services and was forwarded to the appropriate group for review and consideration.
Bug ID #: xxxxxxxx
Bug Title: SIRI and .Tel Domains
mark kolb:
Summary: SIRI not recognizing .tel domains andd contextual information within.

Steps to Reproduce: say "www.apple.tel"
Expected Results: goes to www.apple.tel Actual Results: varies, sometimes goes to www.apple.com or tries apple.nl

Steps to Reproduce: call "www.apple.tel"
Expected Results: finds Apple's phone number and calls Apple support.

Steps to Reproduce: email "www.justin.tel"
Expected Results: finds Justin's email and launches email app.


Tel domain DNS records contain formatted contextually-accurate contact information. Apple itself has .tel domains that should be taken advantage of ...
www.stevejobs.tel (RIP)

Tel domains are merely rendering DNS information, so at apple.tel, the DNS contains DNS NAPTR records for your phone number and website.

Apple through SIRI needs to be a leader in exploiting contextual information in DNS via .tel domains. No need to parse a website to find a phone number or email. It's right there in the DNS waiting for a killer app.

See an example of SIRI simulation at www.telcall.me using Chrome (HMTL5 voice object) and direct DNS lookup. Say "apple" and see what happens. This is what SIRI needs to replicate.

It would be ideal for someone at Apple to contact www.telnic.org, the .tel domain registry, and support DNS lookups for contextual information. This has huge potential for being the only voice-activated web and call-by-name solution.

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