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Telnames vs prior .tel

TelTalk wrote:
gobigcity wrote:I was curious if anyone knew the difference between the new Telnames offering and the old .tel platform

The main difference is simply that Telnames designed its own control panel and its own design for .tel domains.
Other registrars for .tel domains can't use the template from Telnames - and Telnames is not using the common templates other registrars are using.

I guess the main purpose is the strategic orientation on SMB in the UK: Simplicity seems to be the highest target (slim design, no IDNs and only one login for domain registration and customizing).
The new offer seems to me only an addition to the old distribution channels which includes a wider spectrum of customers, e. g. directories, customers with different languages and advertisers.

If you can't make a decision what platform you like better, then do it just like their director of customer services from Telnic:



But I doubt it's a good idea to run 2 domains with different design, but the same content!

Actually we could use the new theme on other registrars, as .tel domains are allowed to be forwarded and render out data, telnames don't need to give us access to subdomains to enter data for staff they could just let us render out the data on phantom sub domains that aren't indexed?

Aka on telnames has Technical Director on a different registrar that is likely in his local currency and that he might 'pay in' too for upto 10 years that also might provide different services to him on how he want's to represent himself to others, and the same goes for the other staff member who is linked too by their brand on telnames with the new .tel logo icons displaying they're linking to another .tel site and tagged as staff.

So a visitor interested in your brand clicks these links to check out and contact the staff and usually it would forward you to a registrar and might display them with a background that is not good representation for a brand to link to or makes it too personal so telnames should actually render it on a 'created on the fly' sub domain redirect that would be part of our allotted allowance and feed into the grandfathering policy of those who came first get a few more forwarder than those who come after the 10,000 sign up mark etc, this is to maintain branding across to staff profiles who likely would join and leave a company randomly as professionals do, so why be stuck paying for their .tel on telnames? and why not have some control over forcing branding on them from anyone who visits them from your 'branding perspective'?

So to recap this means they can pay for their own on a cheaper alternative with their own background maybe? then when link to them as 'staff' it grants them to be a phantom sub profile that's rendered under the brand schema with the company background, this as long as on their other .tel it says they're staff in the directory information section and match the tag.

So with phantom sub domains telnames can keep its almost 'one' page but allow it to expand to render branding across multiple data sets of variant registrars without having to grant everyone the new theme or a cut down version. Or a company forcing someone to maintain 2 or more .tels just for work etc.

Or telnic could allow data sets that we store in 'profiles' to be rendered in the phantom brand sub domain of telnames, aka say adds that hes 'in the office' it stores that under his hidden 'work' profile that we would usually switch to display but when links to and render's him with the brand design and background (without effecting his main domain style for anyone who visits him direct) the personal information is pulled out from the hidden data set from his at 'work' profile with stored status updates, so that his work and personal life don't get mixed and can stay separate, while displaying what ever he wants on his main profile .tel page.

If you didn't understand links to staff .tel sites, so like we can redirect one of our .tels to another .tel we own, telnames could allow us to not forward someone to their staff .tel that we link too but render their data under a phantom 'none indexed' sub domain of our telnames aka or that maintains the theme, branding without making things complex or companies forcing staff to use telnames.

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