viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

Plantilla de facebook en los dominios .tel

Facebook is supposed to begin trading this month under the stock symbol FB
on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange here in the U.S.

The Initial Public Offering (IPO) will value the company at around $100 Billion USD,
and Mark Zuckerberg is set to become wealthier than Microsoft's Steve Ballmer by June.

Facebook will continue to get hit with positives and negatives, and will continue
to be in the public spotlight.

IF you are trying to sell your .TEL domains, it is possible that a Facebook style
could draw interest and sales during the next several months or longer.

Try this template style if you just have the "Plain White" and use Mark Kolb's bulk
update tool at to do a few, who knows, it could make a difference in sales.

Use option 4 template and then:

1 - 3A5695
2 - 3B5898
3 - EBEEF5

Search ON

Here are a couple of examples and the link for comparison:

Could get a few million people to at least consider the .TEL idea from their current habits !

Maybe they will see the light and realize that .TEL ownership beats a Facebook page !

(And it beats the "Standard" look of a .TEL default anyway)

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