martes, 8 de mayo de 2012

El dominio .tel es muy util

.tel address can be useful

by jayone

I was browsing the web when I came up on a site that was selling the .tel domain name. At first, I was skeptical on the benefits of having a .tel address, but the more I thought about it, it made sense to me. The whole purpose of the the .tel address is that it provides you with a online directory reference that is sorta cheap(Depending on domain registrar)

The reason that it makes sense to me is that it provides you with a simple way to give out your information about you. Unlike a regular website, you could only put basic directory information. Now that is not bad if you think about it. Lets say that you want to show a client multiple sites that you created, many people  would get annoyed by telling them to go to multiple sites. Instead you just give them one link with all the information that you want them to know. This is important because lets say if you give them a test/blog site like this one where you are constantly changing things in order to test out new technologies, well this can prove to be disastrous if you break the site like I do on a weekly basis. With the .tel you are limited with what you can do since it is meant to serve as a directory. But this is good because like that you only have to give them one site and it will have all the info that you would want to give them. This includes social media addresses, websites, phone numbers, location information, and a short summary about yourself or what it is for.

mess CC telnet site


For example in this picture, it is the directory for mesa community college, it shows there information on how to contact them. now lets say that you are a city or any other person or business, what you can do it put the contact  information that you see valuable. this way if you have multiple web site addresses or telephone numbers that you want to make public, now you can give the people a easy way of finding the information that you want them to find without the hassle of having an automated system tell them press 1, press two. This way they can find what they need fast. This is the only reason I find it useful.

I personally have put the .tel address on my business cards. That way if they want other sites or phone numbers about me, they can just go to one simple site and find anything they want about me with less hassle. For businesses purposes,  it think that it is a great idea.

If you go to, you can get one right now for 10 bucks. network solutions currently wants 50 for it. For ten bucks it is not that bad for a simple SEO boost.

Heck many people get a regular site just for the purpose of putting their basic info online. This can be a cheaper alternative if your whole purpose is just to put your info online.
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