viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

Mejor método para crear un directorio global con los dominios .tel

We have been doing few research projects to achieve better SEO for telpages through various methods.
The subdomain "hideout" in "" is one of them. was created as a hidden subdomain.
All other sub domains in except "hideout" have direct links to hidden sub domains from a different sub domain of

The examples below explains this better:
1) "natglobal"
The sub domain "natglobal" is a hidden sub domain of "".
But the linking is provided from (where "atm" is a DISPLAYED subdomain of "").
Therefore, search engine indexing of natglobal is done via
You can find "natglobal" either by navigating through or just typing "natglobal" in the search box of (or

2) "hideout"
The sub domain "hideout" is a hidden sub domain of "".
There is NO linking to the page "" provided from or any of its subdomains (hidden or DISPLAYED).
Then we created a link to "" from "" where "demo" is a DISPLAYED sub domain of
The "" is now indexed through "" and is available for searching at the search box of "".

Our experiment is successful.

Now what do you achieve by doing this?
Well, our aim is to create a ROOT page of "" without any links to its own subdomains.
Something like landing page
Then create links to its sub domains from another tel domain.

This method creates "neat & tidy" landing pages for tel domains which may be having too many sub domains you can not DISPLAY on a single page. Or an ideal visitor card for "";

And also make life easier for crawlers of

3) How to Search

Type keyword "hideout" in search box at OR type keywords "hideout mytown" in search box at

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