lunes, 17 de octubre de 2011

TELcp el panel de control de los dominios .tel

Share your .tel Domain with others !

TELcp .tel control panel has made it possible to share your .tel domain with others. TELcp control panel has all the features to grant the OpenAuth Access Authentication from the Registry Operator. With the OpenAuth Access token, the .tel Owner will be able to manage the contents of telpages, .tel page Users and allow the .tel Users to manage their telpages on their own. The system allows a tel owner to maintain seperate sub accounts inorder to maintain multiple tel domains with multiple accounts from any Registrar. A .tel domain owner with a single account can manage multiple .tel domains and multiple .tel Users within the same system.

A .tel domain owner can send an invitation email to anyone through the TELcp control panel and request to register as as .tel User to start managing a .tel page of the domain.
A .tel User who can register only on an invitation from a .tel domain owner, may continue with one User account and manage multiple .tel pages belonging to different .tel domains.
Developer of the TELcp aplication believes that this innovative method of sharing a tel domain will make the .tel an easy and reliable way to contact the right person at the right time.

TELcp provides three different .tel User access levels for corporate customers through which the corporate .tel administrator can limit the features of a .tel domain to the users.
Similarly, a private .tel domain owner can select the best personal access level for the guest .tel Users.

TELcp.comprovides the following for .tel Domains

  • FREE tel Owner Registration.
  • FREE tel User Registration.
  • FREE manage up to 1000 tel pages.
  • FREE manage up to 10 commercial or private tel Users.
TELcp.orgis exclusively for NPOs & NGOs.
  • FREE tel Owner Registration.
  • FREE tel User Registration.
  • FREE manage up to 2999 tel pages with or without .tel Users.
  • Available for .tel domain(s) of any Rotary club or of any non-profitable and non-governmental organization dedicated to search & rescue operation services.


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