domingo, 16 de octubre de 2011

Coupons with .tel

Visualize your Local Coupons and Offers with .Tel

With the recent ability to insert images into your .tel domain, small business owners have been able to include coupons and offers for the past couple of months. These are generally displayed as banners.

With TelView, owners now have the added capability to have their coupons show up on the map. Although there is yet to be a standard set for the discovery of coupons, we can still show them in TelView. The big advantage to the .tel owner is that there is NO ADVERTISING COST and in addition, you control when you place offers – in real-time. The push is near-instant, taking less than 5 minutes to propagate the DNS (internet). The community learns about offers in minutes.

Here's a live example as found via TelView. It's just an experiment as there is no standard yet for storing coupons. This might just be one implementation – many are possible, as are display formats.

Dot Tel Coupons On The Map

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