jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011

En diciembre un nuevo panorama se acerca en los dominios .tel

Wow! From December on all my .tel domains will look like the following screenshot which includes:
  • Great font for the domain headline
  • Embedding pictures at several positions
  • 2-color-text in the header section (by accentuation the text from the domain headline in the following section)
  • Improved icons with nice styling and with colors (e. g. for subfolders, e-mail addresses, websites, Skype and Facebook)
  • Smart sectioning (without separation space between contact types)
  • Headlines for sections
  • Flexible display or hide effect for sections
  • Multiple entries for contact types (= aggregation of several entries under one contact type)
  • Flexible color arrangement (e. g. colors for headlines and different colors for several ad sections)
  • Adjusted .tel icon (and better font for "powered by")
  • Improved functionality of Google Maps (including interactive hotspot)
  • Flexible positioning of free text (between sections and not only at the bottom like before)
If Telnic realizes all the promised improvements from this project, it would be really a revolution for .tel!
If this will be the case, for the first time in history I could proudly show my .tel domain to my friends and contacts!

Now I am waiting only for embedding videos and I will become happy!

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