jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011

Imagina tu dominio .tel

If you promise not to tell anybody, I give away a secret here!

The year 2020:
  • If you want to call somebody, you will type in on the keyboard of your cell phone the name of that person (without starting an app first). You won't even necessarily know his number.
  • Whenever you want to call your contact, you don't care if he is in his office, at home or on the road. Also you don't care if he relocated recently or not. You just dial his .tel out of your phone book to reach him wherever he is at this moment.
  • Since everybody owns a .tel you will always find all your contacts via TelPages and / or TelFriends.
  • Nobody will know your phone number without your permission.
  • If you want to visit a friend (for the first time), you tell your navigation system to plan the route to the location of the .tel owner without searching first.
  • You are registered at 100 websites, but you never lose overview about it, because all your data are stored securely in your .tel control panel.
  • You don't care if your friends have changed their e-mail addresses. You just type in the .tel domain into the address bar of your mailing system. The mailing system looks for the updated address.
  • If you are new in a city, you can always call the people which are close in your area according to their location.
  • Do you know more reasons why .tel is irreplaceable?
Can you imagine a world without .tel?

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