miércoles, 3 de noviembre de 2010

Un buen futuro para los dominios .tel

IMO the value of Dot Tels will increase substantially in the near future. Here are 6 reasons why I think this will happen:

1. I have noticed an increase in demand for domains generally in recent weeks on my domain sales site http://www.domains123.com

2. Ian's recent appointment from Yell.com, and the marketing plans he has already laid out, are going to give .tel a significantly improved visibility.

3. Telnic have clearly shown that they are busy behind the scenes and only when they are ready will they make announcements - the recent launch in China is a good example of this.

4. Dot Tels are now starting to appear at the top of major search engines - see http://searches.mikeseaton.tel - this will encourage many webmasters to start checking out the extension.

5. In recent months there have been some really good Dot Tels dropped which have been snapped up - the supply of these quality domains is now drying up.

6. I will be producing a Dot Tel Marketplace to enable buyers and sellers to deal commission-free - estimated live date mid-December 2010 - see http://telnic.org/forum/showthread.php?t=1487 - an active aftermarket is essential to the success of any domain extension.

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