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numeros para los dominios .tel

Summary and Analysis of Comments

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  • Subject: Summary and Analysis of Comments
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  • Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 17:40:00 -0800

Summary and Analysis of Comments for: Allow allocation of 
numeric-only domains (excluding single-digit) in .TEL   Summary: 
  The comment period was open from 14 October to 13 November 2010. 
Three comments were received before the closing date; one comment 
was received after the close of the comment period. All comments 
can be viewed at: http://forum.icann.org/lists/tel-numeric-only-domains/   
Overall there was no clear consensus view on whether or not the 
amendment should be approved; each commenter provided input 
suggesting a different path.   Analysis:   Matthias Jungbauer, 
supports the proposal. He proposes ³to create only real existing 
phone numbers as tel domains² by cooperating with phone companies. 
  Volodya does not explicitly support to the proposal, but proposes
 that the country code will be a forced addition to the domain in 
order to avoid ³US centricity², also recognizing that it would 
increase the complexity of verification mechanisms.   
Tim Ruiz (registrar GoDaddy.com, Inc.) opposes the proposal 
stating that requesting this change through the Registry Service 
Evaluation Policy (RSEP) process is inappropriate since it does not
 simply involve a new Registry Service as defined under the RSEP, 
but rather involves a fundamental change to .TEL charter.   
Tim also comments that it is unfair to other applicants and 
potential applicants to allow a sTLD to change its purpose after 
it has been delegated. He further adds that Telnic's promise not
 to allow numeric-only second-level registrations was a fundamental
 aspect of its application and a primary reason why .TEL was 
awarded to Telnic and not Pulver (another bidder for .TEL sTLD
 at the time). He concludes that this request cannot be granted 
without requiring the rebidding of the .TEL sTLD itself, giving 
an opportunity for others to bid competitively.   
Tim also expressed concern about ³certain other recent [RSEP] 
requests² by sTLDs for similar reasons, without further specifying.
   Khashayar Mahdavi, CEO of Telnic Limited (.TEL registry) 
submitted a response to Tim Ruiz¹s comment after the close of the 
public comment period. He asserts that the proposal is not a 
fundamental change to the nature of .TEL, since the restriction 
on all-numeric strings has nothing to do with the nature of .TEL 
and was instead a measure put in place to address initial concerns 
about potential conflicts with ENUM. He states that .TEL¹s purpose,
 as described in its charter, is to serve the community of users
 who wish to use a TLD to store and publish their contact 
information in the DNS. He concludes that the removal of the r
estriction for numeric-only domains is therefore non-essential 
to the core mission of.TEL.   Khashayar further commented that: 
 * The requirement to restrict availability of numeric-only names
 was established to address an isolated concern that existed at
 that time: the concern of a conflict between the .TEL concept
 and ITU¹s ENUM system. He adds that time and the growing 
understanding of the .TEL technology has proven such a 
conflict does not exist. He points out that the proposal, 
by excluding single-digit domains, avoids the perceived conflict 
with ENUM;   * Telnic¹s sTLD proponent competitor (Pulver)
 mentioned by Tim Ruiz proposed an ENUM competitor system while 
Telnic¹s bid was specifically avoided such competition with ENUM 
by limiting the purposes of .TEL domain names. He remarked that
 was the reason why Telnic won the bid over Pulver and not because
 of the numeric-only restriction; and,  * The RSEP is the process 
that has been used in the past for similar proposals and therefore
 sees no reason why the RSEP should not apply to this request.  
  Next Steps:   ICANN will consider approval of the proposed 
amendment to the .TEL Agreement, taking into account the comments
 received.   Commenters:   2010 Oct 23  - Matthias Jungbauer  
 2010 Oct 26  - Volodya   2010 Nov 13  - Tim Ruiz   2010 Nov 16  
- Vladimir Shadrunov / Khashayar Mahdavi  Best regards,  __  
Francisco Arias gTLD Registry Technical Liaison ICANN Phone: 
+1 310 823 9358 PGP fingerprint: FE95 C7E7 36C7 A039 94BB  
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