jueves, 25 de noviembre de 2010

¿Los dominios .tel liderarán el internet de las cosas?

It shows that the guys at Telnic are really on the ball when it comes to understanding the direction the internet is going. I think .tel (dot tel) and telnic are perfectly positioned to create the ultimate tool to handle an entities internet control.

With the ideas above I am very interested to see a standard that will be mapped within a .tel domain to hook up to all of these internet ready devices (machines) as they are introduced to consumers. As an example, if I were to buy a new fridge that takes advantage of sharing info via the dot tel, how will the dot tel let the average consumer hook up the fridge within the domain name. Will we see a user friendly button for devices, in the control panel, which will then display a list of all of the devices that can be added? Will the directory go something like this 'devices', 'fridge' and you will have a drop down selection of fridge manufactures that are currently available. Once you select your manufacturer you can then add your unique fridge id/ip which will connect your item.

I have a few suggestions this idea should following:
- Don't display device information on the main dot tel websites. Only show it when a user logs in or via direct URL link. This information will only be valuable to specialists that will access this info via software.

- Each item could have a warning system that once something has hit a certain level an email will automatically be sent to the main entity owner which will be the owner of the dot tel device. So if a person is driving a car and didn't notice his engine light on, an email would warn him afterwards. If a fridge breaks down at your main office and you are on vacation a warning would be sent to the owner via email. This may be done by software in the devices that sends out this warning.

- The drop down selecting the fridge manufacturers should also have one selection that would allow for the user to put not the fridge id but another dot tel in the event that a user were to choose to buy a specific dot tel domain name for a device. So Stan owns Stan.tel and he owns a ferrari which he bought a dot tel for StansRide.tel. Stan could then add from the car drop down 'Ferrari', under his Stan dot tel. He could then proceed by adding a dot tel rather than and id/ip to connect to it. StansRide.tel would have the id/ip. This would offer greater flexibility. It would also mean that if I bought Stans Ferarri I could buy the dot tel with the car and have it hooked up instantly to my root domain name Raff.tel. Someone interested in buying Stan's Ferrari could also temporarily add StansRide.tel to his root domain so that he could quickly check out the information about the car in his control panel.

- I also think that Telnic should come up with a stamp for devices that are Tel Compliant that device, hardware and software manufacturers can use to further advertise their products. Every company is looking for that extra feature.

Telnic is always advertising that a dot tel could consolidate all means of communication under one umbrella. If Telnic expands this idea into a monitoring system of an entities devices/machines it could then advertise that it not only manages communication but it manages the devices in a persons world.

Janet owned Janet.tel and has a dot tel link to her business named Furniture World which is FutureWorld.tel. Both dot tels have a fridge and when it breaks down she will be notified instantly by software that is using the internet to detect this. This type of stuff is what Google and advertisers dream about. As a user why wouldn't you give the public access to your device diagnostics?

We know this will be a reality some day, don't we? Very powerful stuff guys

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