lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2010

Algo para cambiar en los dominios .tel

Two basic and fundamental problems with Dot Tel, and yet to solve

1.) The term "tel" is not added to search keywords. Otherwise, one would find every related Dot Tel domain.

2.) The gap / space between the header title words (is a problem and SEO-killer), which you don't have in the domain name:
Example: / searching for Paris Budget (because this is the title): But searching for "ParisBudget" will bring you better results.

Solution for problem 2.):
Write your header titles, same as your domain name, without the space. Example: / header title is "ParisBudget". You can still specify the title below of the header, within the text area.

I guess, for solving problem 1.), you would need to do a lot of intensive and aggressive off line promoting. For your .Tel name, and for .Tel in general. But which is also the duty of the registry.

Please note, that your domain gets ranked according to your domain title, and not according to your domain name. Which is why you must pay a lot of attention to that title space. Favorably, don't choose average names, but exotic ones, or ones, that don't have much competition, or as I said above, names without spaces in between.

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