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Background images -->for example 1440 x 1080 pixels-->stretch

We have this week launched background image functionality for .tel domains. Currently this is only available to be activated through the API, although it will also be added to the .tel control panel (CTH) at a later date. Full details of this new functionality can be found in this document - http://www.telnic.org/downloads/TelH...PI-BGImage.pdf.

As mentioned in the document, some of the designs mean that not all templates are suitable for a background image (i.e. some don’t have a background). Unfortunately the API commands have different IDs to those used in the CTH, For clarity, therefore, the templates which can have a background image are the ones with the following IDs in the CTH:

• Option 2
• Option 3
• Option 5
• Option 6

Also, as with all design aspects, background images are set for the .tel as a whole, rather than a folder by folder basis.

As mentioned in the document, there are three ways in which an image can be added. These are set by the "bip" value in the API:

0 (default) - image is aligned top left and constrained (if applicable) to the width of the page

1 – image is stretched to width and height of page

2 – image is repeatedly tiled (works best with smaller images)

For the default (0) as this will be displayed on a variety of different monitor and tablet screen sizes, it is impossible to create an ideal dimension for all. With the majority of screens having a 4:3 aspect ratio, however, this is the ratio we recommend (for example 1440 x 1080 pixels).

For the other two as the image is either stretched or tiled, it's completely up to you. As mentioned above, the tiled setting is best with smaller images to get the full effect of the tiling.

Telmasters tools were updated to support background image management:
Quick Update
Directory Populate new BG directive
Bulk Insert/Delete

Telvision.co support is under the Template option.

Examples of sites with backgrounds:

Un sitio para experimentar con el tamaño de las fotos:

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