miércoles, 3 de septiembre de 2014

Video in the CTH

We have today added video functionality to the .tel control panel (CTH). This will automatically appear when you log in (If not, please try refreshing the page) and is located between the “Contact Information” and “Keywords” sections.

You can show a video that is hosted on YouTube, Vimeo or Daily Motion. To do so:

- Click Add in the Video section
- Select the Source of the video from the dropdown (YouTube, Vimeo or Daily Motion)
- Add the link to the video hosting service. For example, with YouTube click the “Share” button just below the video to see the link that needs to be added

I have held back on making this announcement as registrars do need to activate the functionality. The Video section will still appear even if it isn't activated, but you would get an error if you tried to save. I believe the majority are now activated but if anyone has an issue please let us know and we can follow up with the registrar.

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