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Hidden Cash craze

If you want to see how .TEL is applied to the Hidden Cash craze
read the blogs and visit the site.
Just had game #3 for $60 with some media attention finally.
BTW, this can be applied to any town with a good .TEL merchant base, eg UK communities.

The Hidden Cash Game Comes to Aurora, Ontario!

The Hidden Cash craze started in San Francisco in May (2014) and has progressed to towns and communities worldwide. Hiding cash and tweeting clues has been quite entertaining and finding cash is even more rewarding for the lucky few. Selfies are taken of their discovery to spread the word. Some people even share their good fortune within their community by giving back to others less fortunate.

In creating a Hidden Cash Game for Aurora, we decided to engage the combined community of both merchants and residents and are using Hidden Cash as a shop local initiative. Players have a map revealed while they visit merchant websites. Played weekly, the first part of the map is available Monday through Saturday, while the remaining parts are revealed on Sunday.

Once completed, players visit the secret location to hunt for the cash. At that time, a final clue in a tweet or online location pinpoints the "stash".

With a large group of merchants already participating in the Discover Aurora  game, we had an instant base to begin a new shop local initiative. Our form of  hidden cash game effectively promotes local merchants to local residents.  We do this by getting players to answer questions, whose answers are found only on mobile-friendly merchant (.TEL) websites. With each correct answer, more of a player's map is revealed.

Questions and answers usually focus on a deal or coupon each merchant has to offer.

As a shop local marketing initiative, Hidden Cash Today is a win-win for players and merchants alike. Players get a chance to win cash while discovering new things about local merchants' products, services and deals.

If you are local to Aurora, Ontario join the game at www.HiddenCash.today.


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