lunes, 15 de septiembre de 2014

Background Images for .TEL Domains

Background Images for .TEL Domains

Telnic recently allowed images to be used as backgrounds on .TEL domains. They make the web pages “pop”.
Currently, the only way to insert a background image is via a third party tool such as Telmasters or TelVision. Once inserted, the background is used for all subdomains. Backgrounds must be hosted on an external server.
To insert a background with Telmasters free Quick Update tool, supply its URL in the Background URL field.
To insert a background with TelVision, click [Template] and supply its URL in the B/G Image URL.
We recommend you use the “Stretch” option to ensure best fit for your image. An image size of approximately 1500 pixels wide by 1000 high or 4:3 ratio is recommended.
Note that backgrounds are not supported for all template styles. We like the narrow news style templates.

If you have a large number of domains, you can use Telmaster’s Bulk Insert Tool to insert an image across all domains. Optimal tool performance if all your domains are grouped into one or a few CTH accounts.

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