martes, 17 de septiembre de 2013

WOW - THIS IS HUGE - and provides the biggest opportunity for MASS LEGAL CYBERSQUATTING the internet has ever seen !

So if I'm in the business of selling domains - which I am by the way - I could register the telephone numbers of the major registrars as all numeric .tel domains - then when the idea of dialling from your smartphone takes off I get loads of calls meant for GoDaddy etc !

I presume the availability of will apply to Telnames as well as Telnic .tels ?

Should make for interesting marketing - if the Telnames format is the only one promoted there will potentially be dissatisfaction from users when they find out their new all-numeric .tel from their favourite registrar can't display the Telnames format marketed - unless Telnames finally make their format available to Telnic registrars !

Here's the Press Pelease

This is a MASSIVE DEVELOPMENT - the future of .tel looks much brighter now !

Expert wrote:@Mike

Do you really see an advantage registering over
And one more question:
How can get .tel awareness for if it was not possible for and before?


The "Single Point Of Contact" idea of .tel I have always liked - but the big problem has always been that the whole world is geared up for numeric telephone numbers.

After all, how can you have a properly structured domain "name" for the many thousands of John Smiths that exist in the UK - never mind other countries - and of course .tel domain names are not organised by country e.g.,, etc, making it even more difficult.


Do deals with BT, Vodafone, and every other major Telco to provide a FREE ALL-NUMERIC .TEL FOR 1 YEAR with EVERY ACTIVE PHONE NUMBER.

So the person with telephone number 01234 567890 gets free for the first year.

It shouldn't be a major project for a Telco to extract all telephone numbers, email addresses, first/last names etc of their users and set up a basic .tel automatically - Telnic/Telnames have already helped "yellow page" organisations with such procedures in the past.

As I said FREE for the first year, but if users find .tel useful there could be MILLIONS of RENEWALS from the second year onwards.

And if these millions of users don't even find a FREE .TEL useful, then at least Telnic/Telnames and all others will know and can stop wasting any more time and money on the .tel project !

Remember in business it doesn't really matter what the vendor thinks about their own product - the crucial test is whether customers will purchase and use it at the price it is offered for sale !

And to answer your second question, I have repeatedly suggested to Telnic/Telnames that they should use the services of this company founded by these 2 guys with a proven track record in the worldwide mass marketing of domain names !

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