viernes, 6 de septiembre de 2013

Add a Slideshow to your Pro Tel Site

One of the undoubted  advantages of a telnames  site compared to a Pro tel site is the ability to add an image gallery.

It is very easy to “bolt on” an image slide show to a Pro Tel site without incurring any hosting costs. This is how to do it.

Load the pictures you want to use into an album on a  popular photo sharing website which  will allow you to generate an rss feed. e.g, Flickr or Picasa

Sign up for a free Google website at  Select one of their mobile friendly templates.

When in Google sites editing mode select Insert > More Gadgets > Add a gadget to your page and pick a suitable slideshow gadget.  There are several available, I use  one called   “Picasa/Flickr/Photobucket RSS Slideshow”.

Add your rss feed from the Photo Sharing site  to the gadget, and set customisation of gadget as required

Add additional  images and text to the Google site page to make it look more compatible with your  Pro Tel site.

Here is an example of the above procedure in use

You can also use a Gadget available with  Google sites to take a regular photo rich rss feed and incorporate this into your Pro Tel site. For example see  Lostwithiel Property



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