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If a caller dials +868686868686, the following could happen:

 If a caller dials +868686868686, the following could happen:

  • While dialing +868686868686, your smartphone tells you whom you are calling (with the information from
  • While the call gets connected, the .tel website of the callee could get opened simultaneously.
  • If the number +868686868686 is busy, alternative numbers from the .tel could be offered.
  • Specific content from the .tel could be pushed to the caller's smartphone display.
  • A voice mail goes into the cloud (as redirected by the .tel) instead to the hardware of the callee at home.
  • The call history could go into the cloud, too.
  • The smartphone could offer to send an e-mail to the owner of instead of dialing +868686868686.
  • can ask the caller if he wants to connect his own .tel with the .tel of the callee.
  • Third-party providers could provide additional services based on your calls.
  • Based on the information on a .tel, the caller can get much additional information (e.g. customized advertising, coupons, opening hours, routing information).
 Coupons require location sensitivity provided by geo location.

Name calling is just a joke, which might had prospective sense 8 to 7 years ago.
6B+ mobile phones + phone directory Embedded into each mobile phones, and embarked vocal recognition just killed this idea which emerged at times there where no mobile internet clear vision, neither friendly GUIs on smartphones to manage embarked phone contacts, nor enough processing power to support voice recognition.

So just put aside that LochNessMonsterKillerApp quest concerning Joe public, as there are so many ways of offering better lookalike usage with existing free or paid products or Tools.

And large stake holders were polite in their answers to name calling new entrants :
"show me your millions of customers/users with your TEL (or your CallName) and then I will adapt my business for win/win (alt. to take advantage or yours). But in the meantime, just continue to use our traditionnal (regularly upgraded) numbering plans for calling" ,
and honestly the 200K+ "TEL owners" (counting dormants porfolioed ones several times) just show they could have been less less polite in their answer.

CallName which was mentionned above , although FREE, based on App download, and supposedly somehow viral once you enter your friends directory into the app, has only...... 234 likes on Facebook !!!!

Therefore do not loose time on this side of the moon, whom finger it is showing the moon.

On the other side of this moon, there are already in the sky new galaxies with Facebook already with 1B+ users and testing social calling, Skype with 200M+ is a reality ,not to mention Viber and others, or captive MM+ of Facetime users or BBM users, .... or billions of incumbant mobile users.

So if one of these stake holder is going to go extend "Name calling" to a large scale from what they already offer commercially or test now, it might look like .... social calling and social calling plans (offensive or defensive).
So IMHO , it is dangerous to rely on exploring tiny paths when there are already growing highways direct to your intended destination with growing trafic on them...better try to build the right car to speed correctly on these highways !!!

So either one finds some smart usage delivering added value (confort, ease of use, cheaper call, voice messaging, etc BUT adding value) a very simple and intuitive way using capabilities of TELs ( so not an enthusiastic geek vision, but a base dow to earth short sighted vision of millions of Joe public), that self propagates and build  such standalone MM+ users base, .....
or more reasonnably ... try to use already existing MM+ users bases from Fbook, BBRY, 2.75GSM etc,  to leverage introduction of a new service or a new application complementing what does exist already and based on TEL DNS.
Otherwise, change your destination/plan .

Of course on enterprise segment, one could still dream about name calling, we should say brand calling (small business are unknown names so you cannot go name calling, you have to go for search or for directory , so easier move for Joe public whatever results).
Brand calling does exist already the traditionnal way (1-800-vanity ) ... and new comers would have to speak fluently marketing & branding and afford marketing campaign costs to grab some market shares whatever the underlying technology.

And eventhough, traditionnal Brand calling can be soon be bypassed by solutions with higher added value delivered on final goal, which is mobile local shop discovery ( as a distributor of some famous brand)  and mobile purchasing/booking/prepaying with coupons or mobile money IN-store, the next battle field after the now mature business model of online e-commerce .
That is why Paypal, Fbook, Google, Apple & others are all pushing their last meter solutions these weeks/months, fishing with beacons for IRL local shops discovery from mobile, to try to turn the table upside down and cash in over walled gardens conscientiously tidied by banks and credit card operators.
In this picture Telname pre packed TEL as well as bare TELs as a cheap/easy/fast central point of contact/discovery for local shops, can still play a role towards this solutions (to be defined) because of the initial positionning at Icann level of TEL as a central point of contact, whatever fuzzy pictures comes out to mind through the TEL tracks record so far.
Of course you can do that with a dot com.
But Joe public has already tried to connect to a dot com website from his mobile or to search from Google on his mobile and he is not getting what he is looking for,  at this time.
And for the apps, Joe public is still not fully interested nor in fact understand about mobile apps either , needing too much trouble and education/marketing upon his side and are at first sight too complex regarding what he feels are only basic questions/needs.

So why not TEL ? it is easier to Paypal Fbook Google or any other OTT, based on the size of their users, to ask (or even request ) free of charge to TELnic to do some move to retrofit TELs with some additionnal features or appropriate pitch positionning .
It might be possible for them to discuss the same way with dotMobi, but might be more costly and less pure vanilla picture compared to initial pitch delivered by dot mobi at Icann and engraved into hundreds of DN registrars .

So inventing or encouraging new usage of TEL sticking to Joe public mobile or Joe public social daily use and needs simplifying his digital life in his respective communities or circles, would bring more benefits than dreaming of bare name calling, ALTHOUGH LONG NUMBERS are available to register soon from TELnic, which is supposedly the purpose of this collection of threads about long number registering (but never  said "longPHONEnumber TEL registering only ) .

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