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Vision de los dominios .tel

Vision about the future use of TelFriends
If .tel should ever become a success, the following scenario would be possible:

With TelFriends or a similar, advanced tool you can delegate access to all companies you are in touch with, like:
  • Financial institutions
  • Supplier of electric energy
  • Telephone providers
  • Sports clubs
  • Online sellers
  • All your memberships
  • And so on

You will have always an overview who knows your (private) contact data and can easily cancel the data access for every company, authority or agency.

Requirement for this would be .tel will become a generally accepted and widespread technical solution.

Perhaps one day companies won't ask you about your phone number or address anymore. They just want to know your .tel - and they collect your data via your domain / TelFriends.
Your partners would be very happy because they don't need to input your data manually and won't bother about updates (because the data would be always up-to-date by automatic interfaces)!

Furthermore you can use your .tel for:
  • An automatic infilling of internet forms without saving your private data in your browser
  • An automatic infilling of e-mail addresses in your e-mail program
  • Many other things

This is just a brief idea to see how .tel could potentially change the way to communicate!

If people would use .tel like phone numbers and / or e-mail addresses, everybody would like to have one .tel domain.
Our Vision

One of the unique features of .tel Domain is its design, in tandem with TF, that provides a "Private View" data channel to a selected group(s)in a secured environment.
We all know about this. And also aware the difficult process to get a "Private View" data across to an end user (who may not be a tel domain owner).

The present process requires the Viewer (end user) to be a member of TelFriends, and approved by a tel Owner, in order to read "Private View" data.

Our simple vision for TF in brief as follows:

Based on case studies involving TELcp users, we want to skip the Viewer's (end user's) registration at TelFriends, and replace it by .tel Owner himself/herself creating a "Slave/Dummy" account(s) under the main TelFriends account of .tel Owner. These "slave/dummy" account(s) will have no powers to change its own credentials or parent credentials. Therefore, this "Slave/Dummy" account(s) will allow an individual or a selected group(s) only to read "Private View" data.

This way when a .tel Owner has posted a certain record (say a "Note") for "Private View", all he/she has to do is to inform the selected audience by giving the respective "Slave/Dummy" credentials.

A .tel Owner may create more than one "Slave/Dummy" account depending on the number of records and selected target group(s) and delete/change accordingly. Thus, selecting the target group(s) for a particular record (a "Note" to announce something in this case) whenever a new "Private View" data is posted.

This method could be used by
a) A Trader to announce different discounts for products to selected group(s) by posting a "Note".
b) Anyone to pass a message to a selected group
c) Protect private phone numbers and email addresses
d) Stockbrokers to announce updates etc

In order to support many .tel Owners who use third party tools, suggest additional OPERATIONs be introduced to the current TelHosting Client SOAP API for

a) reading TelFriend requests
b) approving TelFriend requests and creating friends in single operation
c) add friends to group AND
d) delete friends from group.

The combination of above items 1 & 2 will no doubt make the .tel a very powerful "single point of contact" for communication.


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