lunes, 5 de marzo de 2012

Ideas ¿Correo seguros en los dominios .tel?

ANOTHER REVOLUTION: Secure e-mails in combination with .tel / TelFriends
If you send e-mails from your company e-mail address or from the common providers like AOL, Google Mail, Hotmail or Yahoo, usually you don't use encryption.
That means your e-mails are unprotected, easy to read by third parties and easy to be falsified.
Yearly BILLIONS of personal e-mails (I'm not exaggerating!) from internet users are read by secret services, authorities, hackers, system administrators, cyber criminals, rubbernecks and other unauthorized computer specialists!

This is only possible because internet users hate encryption software, because it is far too complicated and too uncomfortable for John Doe.

A current available alternative is HushMail with some disadvantages:
• It is neither popular nor widespread accepted.
• More or less it is a closed system.
• The user has to pay a yearly fee of at least US $ 34.99. That is too much since the common internet users are using e-mails AND encryption for free.
• If you want to use the mailbox for free, you have storage of only 25 MB. That is far too less in comparison to common e-mail providers.

But HushMail offers a great idea by sending e-mails to people who do not use HushMail – and the e-mails are still encrypted:

I don't believe HushMail will become mainstream, because they haven't accomplished this target within the last decade. (HushMail was founded in 1999 and still it isn't popular.)

But I like the concept of the link above. Can you imagine combining this with your TelFriends login?
(Surely TelFriends needs to be more advanced in the future!)
I'm yearning for a scenario like the following:
1.) Telnic starts a partnership with one of the big e-mail providers (like Google Mail or Hotmail).
2.) The user marks a created e-mail as confidential before sending.
3.) The receiver can open the e-mail only if he is logged in with TelFriends and connected with it to the sender.

In that case .tel could not only have potential for a name dialing solution, but also for providing a standard for secure e-mail communication for the very first time in the history of the internet!

OAuth was a great idea to implement into the .tel project.
E-Mail encryption could be even more important in the future!

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