jueves, 29 de marzo de 2012

Actualizaciones en los dominios .tel

 .tel updated week of 26th March
As most of you have noticed, there has been an update this week to the .tel web proxy. This has included the following:

- Support for movie records. A single YouTube, Vimeo or Daily Motion movie will play on both the Desktop and smartphone proxies. These can be added using the API and some third party sites (Telmasters and TelCP) have very kindly already added them to their tools
- Update to the logo so that it is no longer resized to be square. It will still be shown within the 78 x 78 dimensions, but if it is rectangular it will no longer be distorted into a square shape
- Increased width for the image ads which can be added to the top and bottom of the desktop so that they are now 468x60 to comply with IAB formats
- Additional icon for Pinterest (see http://icons.yourname.tel/)

If you notice any issues with regards to unexpected or unanticipated behaviour as a result of this new functionality, please do let us know.

All of these requests have been implemented following requests from .tel owners bioth directly and through this community on the forum. Thank you for your continued suggestions and support.

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