jueves, 24 de noviembre de 2011

Razones para que triunfe un dominio .tel

1.) If different domains want to share data with each other automatically, the infrastructure of them must be homogeneous. .tel domains are the only ones which fulfill this requirement.

2.) If you want to navigate through domains voice-controlled (e. g. with SIRI), you can do it only with .tel domains.

3.) If I want to keep an overview about all my personal login data of all websites where I am registered, where else I can save these information beside in .tel domains?

4.) If you want to open a website, instead of typing the IP address you type the domain name.
If you want to call somebody, instead of dialing the phone number you dial the name of that person with letters in the future, too.
Since mobile phones and internet are merging, the DNS is the perfect solution for this.

5.) Facebook with all the concerns about data privacy is scary. The better social networking will work on domain base.

6.) If you want to specify which data you want to share with others, which other tool allows you to modify the sharing of your data for every single contact different beside .tel domains?

7.) Everybody has a phone number today. In the future everybody will have also a domain name, but not everybody needs a website. For these people a .tel domain is the best fit.

8.) After full introduction of IPv6 every customer will have several IP addresses for himself, for his family, for his car, for his refrigerator, for his PC, for his cell phone, for his television and so on. You have to bundle them with your .tel domain, because it could be the only switch for all of them.

9.) 7 billion people are living on this planet. Excluding commercial domains perhaps only 1 % of them own their personal domain on the internet.
If the other 99 % register their domain and only 1 % of them decide to choose a .tel domain, we have already 70 million .tel domains (almost as much as we have .com domains today).

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