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Bid per call

Bid per call
Hi guys there you go.
Another way to make extra money thorugh new google voice look at this post BID PER CALL:

Google Ads Driving Millions of Calls per Month
Posted by Gretchen Nemechek on Mon, Oct 31, 2011
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Over the past year Google has been phasing in functionality to enable advertisers to drive more phone calls to their businesses. In 2010, Google Affiliate Network partnered with RingRevenue to power their pay-per-call program allowing advertisers to create call-based campaigns for publishers/affiliates to promote and earn commissions. In November 2010 Google announced click-to-call for mobile and with the success of call-based campaigns in the various channels, bid-per-call is a natural next step.

Last week, Google announced they will be rolling out "bid-per-call" functionality for Adwords customers in the US and UK. Bid-per-call essentially gives Adwords advertisers the ability to place keyword bids for phone calls initiated from Google Voice generated call tracking numbers placed in the ad copy. Advertisers will be able to indicate a max cost-per-phone-call (CPP). The bids will be set at the ad group level. According to Google ad groups will need to meet minimum click and call thresholds to qualify, and advertisers will also need to be using Call Extensions and Call Metrics to enable bid-per-call. Bid-per-call will only be available for ads appearing on desktop/laptops and tablets. For now mobile ads will continue to use the click-to-call feature which charges per click.

According to Google, 15% of all searches now take place on mobile and at least 40% of those carry local intent. Consumers are starting to connect more directly to advertisers via their mobile phones and Google is betting that trend will carry to their laptops and tablets with more than 20% of desktop and tablet based searches carrying local intent.

Last month we shared the results of search marketer, imwave, inc. improving click-through rates by 250% after including phone numbers in their search ads. In the past, Google reported click-throughs on mobile improve between 5-30% when phone numbers are included. With more than half a million advertisers using their click-to-call functionality for mobile, it is no surprise that Google is looking for ways to help advertisers drive more calls from desktop ads. They are already seeing more than a million calls per month being driven from click-to-call.

Google's getting behind calls is good news for advertisers, as it is now even easier for advertisers looking to get started with call-based campaigns to jump in and get started with solutions like pay-per-call. Over the course of this year, we've seen tremendous growth in our business and in the call-based advertising space. And for advertisers looking to do more than just track calls from search, call performance marketing offers a way to manage call-based campaigns from all of their offline, online and mobile marketing initatives.

Many verticals such as insurance, financial services, home services, higher education and high-end retail, are seeing great results with call-to-conversion rates between 30-50% and average phone order values 1.5-2x online orders. Pay-per-call has driven millions in new revenue for advertisers and millions in commissions for publishers. For advertisers that want more calls to their business there is no barrier to entry. It is simple and easy to get started.

Does you business value phone calls? How are you driving more to your business?
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