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TEL Domain SEO Myths Promoted by TELNIC

There are some serious SEO myths promoted by TELNIC, which claim some seriously tucked up stuff. Control of TEL domain, no extra SEO spending, authoritative information, no duplication, cross linking with social networks and services. Let us see what is true of that.

TELNIC blatantly claims that with TEL domain you will increase your search engine rankings.

There are five points, which TELNIC claim which may help you be found online.

Control your domain name

With TEL domain, there is little you can control. Any domain you own, you may also control, right? But what about the TEL domain? All you can control is which phone number, website or link you will put on the TEL domain. And everything else which you may control with other domains, is not possible for the TEL domain.

You may NOT control on TEL domain:
  • Web hosting account
  • Website design
  • Web directories
  • Spam protection of your e-mail address
  • Your e-mail
  • Javascript
  • Flash
  • Images
  • Numerous other uncountable features available for other domains

No extra SEO spending

This is absolutely false statement. The only purpose of such a statement is to catch attention of beginners, as everyone with knowledge of SEO will know that his may not be true. This statement says that you as TEL domain owner, you will increase your search engine rankings without extra SEO spending. SEO is by the way, Search Engine Optimization, a technique which brings you step by step on first pages of search engines, so that people may find you easier, so that you rank better.

If this would be true, you would not need anything else but TEL domain, you would increase your search engine rankings. Well, it's not that easy.

For a true visibility on search engines, you either need to be an expert or pay other experts. A simple registration of a TEL domain, may bring you temporarily on search engines, but that will not stay without either hard work or some extra money.

Authoritative information about you

Although TELNIC claims that TEL domain is all about authoritative information about you, there is zero of truth in this statement. In fact, contrary is true, numerous TEL domains carry non-authoritative information about you and many companies find their information on TEL domains without giving any authority nor without having a control over publishing such an information.

Facebook is more authoritative than a TEL domain, because they take quick measures to delete duplicate Facebook accounts, Facebook accounts representing businesses and such. You have to use your real name on Facebook, although for them that is a hard task to manage.

The problem lies in the fact that TELNIC cannot control nor know, nor take away rights to TEL domain owners, to publish whatever they want on their TEL domains. One of terms in the Terms and Conditions is that you will publish your contact information and in case of third parties, that you will have explicit permission from those third parties. This yet, does not make a TEL domain authoritative information about you, as there is no way to know who has really put that information on a TEL domain. TEL domain makes it even worse, the registration may be anonymous, and one may publish on TEL domain various non-authoritative information thus getting input from clients thinking you are one person or company, while you may be yet another scumbag walking around, stealing someone's money.

No duplication with other web resources

This is as false as it may be. TEL domain is made for duplication. You don't even need to open a browser to have the information stored in TEL domain servers. And everyone may install a website with a proxy, which duplicates ALL TEL domains just as easy as it can be. If one have domain this directory made on the TEL domain is universally accessible, and you may show all the information on any other domain. Such as and if you look carefully, the domain in question here is not .TEL domain but .COM domain, demonstration set to show how silly is the idea of TEL domain. You can take any TEL domain and append our COM domain to have it appear on a totally different website with a totally different and maybe even better template.

Well now, they have built whole directory on and now someone comes, does not even copy anything from that website, but from simple access to DNS servers, and all the information is shown on

So much about "no duplication with other web resources".

Cross-linking with social networks & services

This TELNIC statement looks like a magical benefit which you may get when you purchase TEL domain. Nothing is but far from truth. You can put links on your TEL domain and link to Facebook, Twitter and such. Nothing prevents you. But that does not make TEL domain special at all. You can put links on any websites and on any other domain on Internet. Internet is hyper-linked, that is main feature. We may link to anyone we want.

But what you cannot do, you cannot link on TEL domain to Flickr, Photobucket pictures, you cannot link to Flash content, images and all the other stuff which you may find.

Myths presented by TELNIC are blatant lies. They did not improve their false and blatant lies from their website since 2 years. And more and more websites are coming out which points to degradation of Internet created by TELNIC.

I am expert in search engine rankings, and I have to work very hard to bring up various businesses. And as owner of 150+ TEL domains, I certainly know what I do.

But will you know that?

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