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Los dominios .tel se pueden integrar en google maps

.tel hotel directory integrates into Google Maps

March 10th, 2011

Today I made an interesting discovery on Google Maps – a link to a .tel directory from a Place listing for a hotel in Greece. Although King Minos Palace 4-star hotel in Hersonissos has its own website, the Google Maps listing shows http://crete-hotels.tel as the link for more information, going straight to http://king-minos-palace.heraklion.4-stars.crete-hotels.tel/. On the screenshot below showing results for a Google search "hotel Hersonissos", results D and E both link to the .tel directory. According to the developer of the directory, they are already seeing an increase in traffic coming into the directory from these Maps listings, although they have not manually submitted these Place listings into Google.

Hotel with a link to .tel directory in Google Maps

Hotel with a link to .tel directory in Google Maps

This integration has become possible due to the support for the hCard microformat  built into .tel pages. All the relevant information you enter into your .tel is marked up with corresponding hCard format fields, such as geo position, name and address. Google's services support hCard as well as other microformats and rich data snippets in a bid to provide users with "the most useful and informative search results".
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