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"I think anyone who wants to make themselves visible and readily available to people would benefit from a .tel, especially as people become increasingly aware of .tel domains."

Read the full interview with Martin Saxby


we are two

Now we are (nearly) two!

With our up-coming 2nd Birthday on March 24th, we'd like to thank all of our community members and are profiling just some of the people we've had the pleasure of meeting over the course of the past two years in a special website which can be found at www.ILoveMyTel.com (and of course at http://ILoveMy.Tel!).

Over the past two years, .tel has grown in its features and presentation. Following on from the template competition and addition of support for image-based ads announced in last month's .telegraph, this month we've also integrated Google Analytics into the control panel, so you can now easily start measuring the activity on your .tel and find out which keywords are really driving traffic from search engines. See the article later in this edition to find out how you can start working with Google Analytics from this Thursday. We're also pleased to share some statistics with you about the past two years and the growth of .tel. You can find .tel by the numbers later on in this edition.

News Flash!

The Al Wahda Express Group of companies (AWE) has become the latest yellow pages company to announce that it will be providing .tel domains to its customers in the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. AWE has been a leader in advertising and contact solutions through its flagship products, the Yellow Pages and White Pages directories, in the region since 1986.

While maintaining a leading position in printed directories, the company has rapidly grown into one of the most prolific providers of online advertising and mobile advertising solutions. CEO Wayne Foster says: "In today's competitive environment, maximum exposure means more potential customers for your business. With .tel soon to be a part of our online offering, our customers can be confident that the services that we provide are on the cutting edge of marketing solutions, no matter how their customers choose to find them."


I Love My Tel

I Love My Tel Over the past two years we've heard some great stories of how people are using their .tel domains. From CEO's to celebrities, pilots to professional communicators, we've picked just some of these to show how their use of .tel helps them in their businesses, careers and hobbies.

To celebrate these, and to remind people just what can be gained from using .tel and how easy it is, we've put together a new site called www.ILoveMyTel.com. You can see hints and tips about getting the best out of your .tel name, how to better optimize it for great search engine results, and also check the status of your .tel name to make sure that you don't miss out on renewing it.

We'd like to thank all of the .tel community members who agreed to be profiled on the site and we'd also like to extend the offer to those others who have a great story to tell and would like to be included. We're always interested to hear about how .tel works for you and we'll try to feature you in upcoming editions of the .telegraph as well as on the community website. If you have a story that you'd like to tell the world, please do let us know at community@telnic.org.

Measure to monetize with Google Analytics

From this Thursday, .tel owners with Google Analytics accounts will be able to measure down to clicks and calls activity on their .tel domains. This functionality can be found in the control panel under 'Settings' in the top right-hand corner.

Google Analytics Google Analytics can provide detailed information on who is visiting your .tel and what they do while on the page. This information can be used to improve your promotion methods and modify your content based on which contact/web links your visitors are choosing to use. The process itself is simple. If you don't have one already, set up a Google Analytics account at www.google.com/analytics. Once you have a registered Google Analytics account, you can create a "Profile" for your .tel with Google Analytics as described on its site. If using an existing account, select "Add new profile" in your list of current "Website Profiles".

Simply copy the Tracking Code you are provided by Google Analytics at the end of the profile setup.

.tel control panel Log into your .tel control panel and click on the "Settings" link. Select the "Google Analytics" menu option and paste the Tracking Code in the space provided. Once saved, the code will be added to your .tel and ready to track all visits.

Verify that Google Analytics is displaying a green tick next to your .tel in your account. This means the setup is complete and tracking is operational.

That's it! Your .tel will now be analysed by Google Analytics and will start providing you with information about who is visiting your .tel, from where, which keywords are driving them to find you and also which pieces of contact information are most clicked or called. You can also measure image-based ads and Additional Information sections to see how effective these are.

.tel by the numbers

.tel stats

.tel directory integrates with Google Maps

.tel Google Maps Last week we made an interesting discovery on Google Maps - a link to a .tel directory from a Place listing for a hotel in Greece. Although King Minos Palace 4-star hotel in Hersonissos has its own website, the Google Maps listing shows http://crete-hotels.tel as the link for more information, going straight to http://king-minos-palace.heraklion.4-stars.crete-hotels.tel/. On the screenshot showing results for a Google search "hotel Hersonissos", results D and E both link to the .tel directory. According to the developer of the directory, they are already seeing an increase in traffic coming into the directory from these Maps listings, although they have not manually submitted these Place listings into Google.

This integration has become possible due to the support for the hCard microformat built into .tel pages. All the relevant information you enter into your .tel is marked up with corresponding hCard format fields, such as geo position, name and address. Google's services support hCard as well as other microformats and rich data snippets in a bid to provide users with "the most useful and informative search results".

Martin Saxby, the digital Dean of Rugby

Martin Saxton Who are you, where are you based and what do you do? I am Martin Saxby and I live in Rugby where I am Vicar of the parish of m2o - St. Matthew's, St. Oswald's and Overslade churches. I am also Rural Dean of Rugby with oversight of over 30 other parishes.

How important is being discoverable on the internet or contactable by members of your parish to you? Being a Vicar, I am in the communications business like Jesus was, sharing the good news about him. So I am always on the look-out for new ways to communicate. It is important that people can get in touch with me whether it is to find out more about Christianity or simply to arrange a wedding.

How do you enable members of your parish to reach you? In the old days the Vicar used to visit everyone. That cannot happen today with larger parishes, so I try to keep in touch with people and enable them to reach me in as many ways as possible. Our web site, www.m2o.org.uk, has become increasingly important and email and the phone are both vital tools.

When did you hear about .tel domains and what were your thoughts? I heard about .tel domains from a friend who had one, I have always been interested in technology and new developments so it was inevitable that I would want one myself and I could see its potential as well as its novelty.

Who might benefit from a .tel? I think anyone who wants to make themselves visible and readily available to people would benefit from a .tel, especially as people become increasingly aware of .tel domains.

How does having a .tel help you specifically? Having a .tel means that it is easy to update my contact details and I now have one single "signature" for my emails regardless of whom I am emailing and which account I am sending it from.

How would you explain to a friend what a .tel is and what the benefit would be to them? .tel is a presence on the internet which enables people to find you and have access to your current contact details.

What do you think the future holds for .tel? .tel will come into its own as increasing numbers of people become aware of .tel domains and start to use them to contact others and to have their own.

Find Martin at http://martinsaxby.tel

Capturing the moment - in a .tel!

Doug My name is Doug Goodwin, and I am a professional photographer specializing in both Portrait and Landscape photography.

I am located in central Missouri right next to Ha Ha Tonka, the 3rd most popular park in the state, a great resource for my business and my sanity!

I have found that the internet is the "contact point" for the future, with the old yellow pages (on paper) going the way of the dinosaur. Almost ALL of the good, qualified clients that come my way arrive at my door by way of the internet. I have been "on line" since the early 1990s, and have expanded my presence through the years. I publish my email and phone numbers (of course), including land line, cell, toll free, and Google Voice numbers. I now have the .com, .tel, .info, and .biz extensions, including one that forwards to an e-commerce site, goodwinphoto.biz, where customers may view and order my scenic and landscape images and portrait images. I am a late arrival to the Facebook fad, but I now have a personal page as well as a business page at http://facebook.com/goodwinphoto. I only wish I had begun the FB journey a few years back.

When I first heard about .tel extensions a few years back, I thought it was a cool idea. Smart phones were only beginning to take hold, and I could see the potential advantage of having a "stand alone" site which offers the consumer ALL my published contact information in one easy, mobile compatible site. Perhaps the best part is that the .tel sites include the hosting service with the registration, simplifying the whole process and making it even more attractive.

I think that anyone who currently has a .com or other internet presence should seriously consider the simplicity and beauty of the .tel site, and try to secure the same internet address with the .tel extension. I am glad I have the IBDG.tel secured, but I still think it needs more publicity and promotion to truly be effective.

I would also like some tracking tools built into the site administration so I could track the effectiveness of the .tel realm. I truly believe that the .tel universe will continue to expand, and that the proliferation of mobile devices along with the simplicity of the .tel site and the convenience of updating it and supplying the consumer with current contact information provides significant benefits to any business looking to expand and refine their internet presence.

Editor's Note: Thanks Doug, and as an additional thank you and in celebration of our upcoming anniversary, we hope you like the addition of Google Analytics!

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