martes, 8 de febrero de 2011

Dos años han pasado ya desde la salida del dominio .tel dos años

The second anniversary of the ".tel" Domain

This year marks the second anniversary of the .tel domain launch. If you've been too busy celebrating the first anniversary and not had a chance to take a peek or update your .tel recently, you may well be surprised to see some of the recent changes and enhancements!
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.tel me what's new!

.tel domain namesVarious updates have been taking place with the .tel domain to provide more options for you to customise your domain.

It is now possible to:
• Enjoy a fresh new look and feel for your .tel.
• Choose from a selection of background templates.
• Display your company logo or a picture of yourself.
• Display Twitter, Facebook or Skype logos.
• Monetize your .tel domains using Google Adsense.
• Monetize your .tel domains using own Adons.

People from all around the world will very shortly be able to find you and your businesses quickly by accessing the dedicated, mobile-friendly .tel search directory.

Here at Teldom, we've also added domain portfolio improved management of .tel domains. You can now split up .tel domains into separate categories or groups. . If you have a large number of .tel domains in your account why not log into your Teldom Members Area and try it out!

Take control of your .tel!

.tel domain renewalWell ranked by Google and proving to be an inexpensive and powerful marketing tool, the .tel domain can either be used to complement or subsitute your existing websites. In fact, every day more and more .tel owners are finding that their .tel domains work as a cost-effective SEO tool; exposing and indexing links to websites and social networking profiles.

In over 2 million .tel pages around the world, there are already over 5 million pieces of contact information. Now's the time to make sure you take control, renew and update your .tel page, so that you can be reached wherever you are.

Don't forget that no matter how often you choose to change or update your personal or business details, giving your .tel name to friends, colleagues or customers means that they will always have a point of contact for you. Make your .tel name work for you in 2011. After all it is the new way to communicate!

Your .tel domain will come up for renewal shortly so make sure you take the opportunity to log in and renew yours now! Once logged in, click 'Renew Expiring Domains', tick the domains you wish to renew, checkout and place your order.

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