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Paypal y telnames

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PayPal Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where does the payment made go?

Payments are made directly through PayPal into the PayPal account that you specify. The information passed to your Paypal account with the payment will be the Title that you have set, along with the currency and the price.

2. Is the payment secure for my customers?

All payments are made on and through PayPal’s website and payment system. You can read more about the safety of PayPal transactions at https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/paypal-safety-and-security.

3. How many PayPal items can I have on my .tel name?

You can have up to 5 PayPal items on each .tel name. They can be ordered from within your Telnames management console.

4. What are the differences between each of the four types of payment?

You can set your PayPal payment to be one of four types. The type of payment chosen does not affect the way the payment is made to your PayPal account. It will also not be displayed in PayPal when the payment is made. The main difference between each is the type of button shown on your page and if the customer can update the price shown:
  • Buy Now – A fixed price for the product or service with a “Buy Now” button displayed
  • Donate – A suggested price is shown on your .tel name, but the customer can replace this with a donation of their choice. A “Donate” button is displayed
  • Voucher – This can be used for the online purchase of a voucher which you can send or give to the customer. The price is fixed for a Voucher and a “Buy Now” button is displayed
  • Payment – This can be used if the payment can vary, for example as a result of the hours worked or the services provided to the specific customer. A standard or default price is shown, but this can be overwritten on the .tel name to submit the actual price. A “Buy Now” button is displayed.

5. I’ve set the Item to be a Voucher/Payment but the button on my .tel name shows “Buy Now”

PayPal have specified the “Buy Now” button for use with Vouchers and Payments in addition to the standard “Buy Now” option.

6. Do I have to set a “price” for donations?

The price set is only a suggestion for the customer. They can change this to any amount they wish.

7. I would like to offer different versions of my product for sale (e.g. different colours/sizes).

Up to five PayPal items can be added to a .tel name. You can also request that your customer specifies their preference in the “Note to seller” field of PayPal when they complete their purchase

8. What should I do if I have any problems with a payment?

All payments are made on the PayPal payment platform and through PayPal. As such any issues or queries regarding payments need to be raised with PayPal. Telnames support PayPal payments through .tel name, but are in no way affiliated with PayPal nor do we resolve any issues regarding PayPal accounts whatsoever. The use of PayPal is at the .tel owner’s own discretion.
More details on each of the fields that need to be populated when creating a PayPal Item on your .tel name can be found here.

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