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On Call 24 x 7

All-United Cars uses Telnames .tel to help people get from A to B safely and quickly
Established in 1968, today All-United Cars is a Manchester-based taxi and private hire business that’s fast becoming one of the city’s leading cab companies. Covering the Greater Manchester area, the company offers taxi cars, mini bus hire and airport transfers. To give passengers complete peace of mind, the All-United fleet of over 70 vehicles are fitted with meters and GPS vehicle tracking, and all drivers are fully licensed and insured.
Today All-United Cars uses to ensure customers can contact them any time of the day or night by using their smartphone when they’re out and about on the town. What do you do?
Two years ago Harry Sharif took over All-United Cars. His vision was to create a highly responsive and professional private-hire taxi company that is fast, friendly and safe.
“Our operations are fully computerised and all our cars are metered and tracked – which means we can assure passengers they are in safe hands, whatever the time of day or night,” explains Harry.
Today the company is proud of the fact that 98 per cent of all customers who ring their booking team will be getting into an All-United Cars taxi within 10 minutes of placing that initial call.
“Our mission statement is ‘All-United, All-Efficient, All-Professional, All of the Time,’” confirms Harry.
The company has built a local reputation for reliable service. Customers regularly pre-book their holiday transfers to and from Manchester airport, and a number of local wedding organisers use All-United Cars to ensure the bridal party and their guests get to the venue in time and safely back to their hotel or home at the end of the celebrations.
.Tel us: Why do you use a Telnames .tel?
With more and more people searching for information online using their mobile phones, Harry knew it was important that the phone number for All-United Cars can be found quickly and easily, even when customers are on the move.
“Many of our customers are younger people who enjoy being a part of Manchester’s vibrant night life. They are smartphone savvy when it comes to searching local listings, which means we need to ensure our contact details can be found online in an instant,” he says.
The company’s mobile friendly website contains all the company’s essential contact information plus click-to-visit links to its Facebook page and Twitter feed.
“This is a competitive market and at the end of the day brand awareness is all. We want to be the first company that comes to mind when someone needs a taxi – then all they have to do is find our number online and place that call. We’ll do the rest.”
.Tel us: How has your Telnames .tel helped your business?
Creating a .tel online directory has made it even easier for people in Manchester to find out about All-United Cars and get in contact when they need a taxi.
“We’re using our Telnames .tel in conjunction with our Facebook and Twitter feeds to boost our SEO ranking and spread the word about special deals and offers,” explains Harry.
Located near Central Manchester University Hospital, All-United Cars offers discounted fares for NHS staff and students and promotes this and other offers via its social media links. It also regularly prompts people about key upcoming dates in the diary and the benefits of booking ahead of the crowds.
“We’ve run campaigns to encourage people to pre-book their transport in preparation for Mothering Sunday and the city’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations,” explains Harry. “We’ve also put out messages on big event days to remind people that even if they are out of minutes on their mobile phone, they can still Skype our booking line direct when they’re ready to go home.”
“In this day and age when all your customers have a smartphone, you’ve got to have a mobile friendly website that ensures anyone can find your number and make that call.”
Harry Sharif, Managing Director, All-United Cars

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