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Newsletter diciembre 2011

.telegraph newsletter - December 2011

In This Issue:

Stay Connected

Welcome to the final community newsletter of 2011. Season's Greetings to you from all of us at Telnic here in London.

It's been a busy year for the team at Telnic. As you will probably have seen, we've been building relationships with more and more yellow page organisations from China through to Finland that are now starting to provide .tel names to their customers. We were also delighted to be named a Cool Vendor by Gartner earlier this year, recognizing the potential in .tel to provide telecommunications providers with a real opportunity to deliver real-time collaboration and presence services. We launched short and numeric-only .tel domains in the middle of the year and continue to see these being registered on a daily basis.

We continue to review the .tel service and review its cost-effectiveness and the features it delivers through 2012. We have seen important updates to this service, outlined throughout the course of the year in the newsletters. A development update also follows in this newsletter for early 2012.

This coming year should prove to be an even more interesting one and there will be some important announcements from Telnic which we hope will drive even more interest, awareness and adoption of .tel. More information about this will be forthcoming in early 2012.

Finally, we'd like to thank those within the community that share their stories about .tel as well as let us know their thoughts and ideas with regards to the .tel service. We're delighted that so many individuals and businesses are experiencing real benefit from .tel, its ease of use and mobile readiness. We know this will continue through 2012 and beyond and remain committed to delivering a cost-effective and valuable service for all of those businesses and individuals that can benefit from owning their own presence online and who do not have the skills, budget and time to work with traditional services today.

Khashayar Mahdavi, CEO, Telnic Limited

Kind regards to you all,

Khashayar Mahdavi, CEO, Telnic Limited

Mobile Search Rises to the Top!

Some of you may have noticed that we've rolled out an update to the search functionality on mobile devices.

Those community members with complex .tel domains or directories and which choose the 'Search this .tel' option rather than the 'Search all' option will now see that the search box appears at the top of the smart phone view. This should assist those seeking information within your .tel names to access the search functionality much more quickly, rather than having to scroll down to the bottom of the page (potentially through 100 different records).

The 'Search all' option still provides the search box at the bottom of the page, as it is more likely that the viewer will take a look through the contents of that .tel prior to deciding whether to seek the information from another source.

Development Update

Our anticipated development and release schedule for Q1 2012 will include:

  • Roll-out of new templates currently in development
  • Support for a number of video services (YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion) to be linked to and played from within the .tel proxy pages (which will be manageable programmatically using the API) and presented in the body of the .tel domain
  • Dedicated Smart phone search results for a consistent mobile look and feel
  • Grouping of .tel domains to be searched in a cluster (time permitting)

What on Earth Are: Rich Snippets?

Snippets are the information presented by a search engine back to the person searching with a summary of what it thinks is the best description for that site. Often, these snippets include the search term or keywords that the person viewing the results entered when making the search.

Rich snippets are segments of structured information (such as business listing information, contact information or restaurant reviews) that website owners (and of course .tel owners!) can alert search engines to by using code called micro-formats. By using this method, site owners can make increasingly sure that Google's search engine knows for sure what type of information is being presented and which bits should be relevant to show to someone searching.

For .tel owners, unlike website owners, this is done automatically whenever you populate information within your .tel. Recently, we've updated the way in which .tel presents this information within the template, which should deliver even better information back to Google and as a result, present even better information back to the person searching so they can click on the .tel to proceed with their search.

Please note, marking up your data for rich snippets won't affect your page's ranking in search results, and Google does not guarantee that markup on any given page or site will be used in search results.

Portfolio and Brand Owners:
One .tel to Rule Them All!


If you're a brand owner or have a portfolio of related .tel domains and you don't want all of them to be found online or have the time to populate all of them now, help is now at hand. You may have purchased multiple .tel variants or defensive registrations, but you don't want all of these to be seen or don't want to put duplicate content in (not a good idea from a search engine perspective).

Now, all you need to do is list the main .tel that you wish to promote within the .tel domains that you don't want to use right now. This will result in the visitor being diverted to your main .tel if they type in one of your other .tel names into the browser or discover it some other way.

Remember, this will only work if there's no other information in the .tel domain that you wish to divert automatically to your chosen main .tel domain, so make sure that the domain you wish to divert has no other visible content in it (this will not affect the use of MX records, enabling you to continue to use the domain for email for example). You can also divert it to a sub-page of another domain, but it won't divert to any other domain extension – this is specifically a feature for managing multiple .tel domains.

Telnic's Top Ten from 2011

As we near the close of another year, we would like to give special thanks and revisit some of the best resources created by the .tel community in 2011. As with last year, we struggled to shortlist 10 resources — so if you have favourites that you don't see here, don't forget to let us know as we will continue to promote more of your .tel's in 2012. was created for a Technology Exhibition in Moscow. It provided details of the exhibitors as well as the exhibition itself. It is now being used to promote the details of another exhibition in April 2012.
In addition to sharing his personal contact details, Chris Senior uses his .tel to centralise information for his various businesses under a single web address, This includes an environmental consultancy and a photography business.
JoJo Maman Bébé is a babywear and children fashion store selling online and through 36 boutique stores. Their .tel includes a separate folder for each of their stores, in addition to main company contact information.
This Toyota Dealership in Poland share contact details of their dealerships and also some staff members on their .tel. Opening times are also included, so their customers always know when they are available.
This realtor has really embraced .tel by linking directly to some of their listings. For convenience to their customers they also include direct contact details for all of their agents, each with a separate folder in the .tel.
Any visitor or resident of the island of Catalina, California would be well advised to visit this directory. In addition to pages for businesses and activities on the island, the site also makes great use of text and image Ads to highlight some recommended sections.
Rimington Football Camp showed us this year how a .tel can be used to promote an event. In addition to information and contact details regarding their business, they also linked directly to a registration form for their summer youth football camp.
Simon Songhurst, a leading beauty and fashion photographer is often on the move with his work, dividing his time between studio and location work. His .tel allows him to share different contact details depending on where in the world he is at that moment.
This Irish band uses their .tel to promote their music by linking directly to tracks from their albums. Shortened links keep the site looking consistent and work well with the striking design.
Moneesh Arora uses his .tel as both a personal and business contact card, including an in transit number so that his .tel always contains a number on which he can be contacted.

Not Just a Pretty Face: Belaray, .tel & QR Codes

Belaray is a Dermatology and Oculoplastic Clinic based in New York. Our highly-skilled board certified Dermatologists, Dr Jeffrey Ellis and Dr Amy Slear, use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure our patients' comfort and safety.

Having a strong online presence and being easily reachable is very important to us.  There are many outstanding local dermatologists that our patients can choose from, but enabling patients to learn more about the special elements that make our practice unique is important.  

A colleague first told me about .tel domains, and we were excited about integrating them into our business. Now all of our means of contact (including on-line appointment requests) can be found at  To make it even easier to get to, we have incorporated a special QR code into our business card.


Having a .tel has been a great way to bring all of our points of contact into one place that can easily and quickly be shared - which is further facilitated by the QR code.  Want to call us? Fax us?  Set your navigation/gps to us? Make an online appointment?  It is all there on our .tel - a streamlined site that quickly loads on our patients' phone.

We have been very happy with the professional layout, quick load speed, and easy customization of our .tel domain. In our opinion, .tels are really for everyone.  Both individuals and businesses can benefit from using a .tel. If you want to let others know how to find you - and how you want to be found - then a .tel is for you.

All Wrapped Up with .tel!


Cover Your Car We are Cover Your Car, based in the NW of England in St Helens, Merseyside in the UK and we specialise in fitted, tailored and bespoke car covers.

In addition to our phone sales line, being discoverable on the internet is very important to us and we have numerous ways that clients can contact us online including email, live chat support, Twitter and Facebook.

We first heard about .tel domains through our hosting company,, and registered in May 2010. During that time we've found it easy to update and maintain. We've included links to our main website on there as well as brought all of our other social media and contact information together in one single place. In total, it centralises six different ways that customers can get in touch with us, as well as sharing links to our blog and YouTube channel. has helped our business as it's a single place for us to share all our contact details, which we can promote via our social networking streams and refer people to it on emails, business cards, letterheads etc.

In our opinion, anyone serious about having an online presence and needs a central online point for contact information would benefit from a .tel. Also, with the ever increasing trend towards browsing via smart phones, the .tel app which is free to download, ties in brilliantly with finding information quickly.

LingPerfect: Talking Your Language

LingPerfect is a medium-sized language service provider company. Our business is the translation of all kinds of documents and the localization of websites, software, multimedia and other types of content to and from more than a hundred languages.

Our clients reach us by email, the online quotation form, phone, fax and on Skype. They appreciate the choice of different contact methods to reach us, and our 24/7 global availability. For several years, we have been using search-engine optimisation (SEO) to help new customers find us.

We always look for the internet tools to reach new customers throughout the world, and recently we heard the stories about the unique technology behind the .tel domains, and decided to register the domain for ourselves.

We saw the benefits and the results immediately: it is extremely easy to add content to the .tel and keep it up to date. The most important benefit is that our .tel data has been so quickly and efficiently picked up by search engines, without any additional effort from our side. We can say that we are very happy with this service. It has required only such a tiny investment in terms of money, and so little working time is spent by our staff to maintain our .tel domain, and it brought instantly visible benefits.

We also like the way the information is presented on the .tel. Many of our potential customers need an instant and simple solution, without spending too much time researching information on the web. Now, thanks to our new domain, we can give them the express answers they need.

Our site is a very important addition to our marketing strategy due to its SEO potential and the concise presentation of our company to the customers using various types of communication devices. The .tel is so easy to manage, and it took us just a few minutes to set it up. I would recommend it to any company or individual, who want to become more visible on the Internet. I think this is an amazing idea.

Pawel Gromek
Managing Director, LingPerfect Translations

.tel Helps the St. Royals Swing in Toronto


Who are you, where are you based and what do you do?
I'm Andrew Dalrymple, owner and founder of St. Royals Entertainment based in Toronto, Canada.  St. Royals Entertainment provides fully customizable professional live bands for corporate events, galas, private parties, and weddings.

How important is being discoverable on the internet or contactable by your clients to you?
Being discoverable on the internet is absolutely crucial. About 40% of my business comes from organic traffic.

How do you enable your clients to reach you?
I have as much of a web presence as possible.  Website, blog, twitter, Facebook and a .tel page.

When did you hear about .tel domains and what were your thoughts?
I heard about .tel when an entrepreneur friend contacted me telling me about .tel.  She said that .tel has a lot of potential to become a new standard for mobile-based browsing and that I should register my domain ASAP!  I looked into it and agreed with her assessment. It's like publishing a business card for everyone to access with more information than one could really fit on a business card!

Who might benefit from a .tel?
I think anyone who is developing a business that depends on a strong web presence can benefit from .tel.  Of course individuals can easily create a .tel page as a compliment to a resume etc.

What's your experience been having used it for a while?
My experience has been positive.  My analytics shows that I have been getting some new traffic to my site from my .tel page.

How does having a .tel help your business specifically? What are the major benefits of having a .tel for your company?
It gives a one-page snap-shot of my business and has all of my contact information.  It gives people the ability to quickly find my business and also find all of my contact information.

What other online marketing tools/campaigns do you employ? How does having a .tel fit into your marketing strategy?
A basic part of my marketing strategy is to simply be everywhere on the web - fully accessible from as many relevant places as possible.  Google maps, Facebook, Twitter, and blogs are a few examples.  All of these tools help direct people to my business from as many angles as possible.  

How would you explain to a layperson what a .tel is and what the benefit would be to them?
.tel is an online business card.   There are direct links to my business web pages and contact information, as well as a brief description of the business.

What do you think the future holds for .tel?
I believe it is extremely useful for mobile browsing especially. It's low-bandwidth and gives all relevant information that a new client would need about my business on the go.

Copyright © 2011, Telnic Ltd.


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