jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2011

New .tel features released

New .tel features released
Today, we've updated the .tel service with the following features as referred to in our September newsletter.

1) Mobile Search for Directories
We've rolled out an update to the search functionality on mobile devices. Those community members with complex .tel domains or directories and which choose the 'Search this .tel' option rather than the 'Search all' option will now see that the search box appears at the top of the smart phone view. This should assist those seeking information within your .tels to access the search functionality much more quickly, rather than having to scroll down to the bottom of the page (potentially through 100 different records).

The 'Search all' option still provides the search box at the bottom of the page, as it is more likely that the viewer will take a look through the contents of that .tel prior to deciding whether to seek the information from another source.

2) .tel Redirection
If you're a brand owner or have a portfolio of related .tel domains and you don't want all of them to be found online or have the time to populate all of them now, help is now at hand. You may have purchased multiple .tel variants or defensive registrations, but you don't want all of these to be seen or don't want to put duplicate content in (not a good idea from a search engine perspective).

Now, all you need to do is list the main .tel that you wish to promote within the .tel domains that you don't want to use right now. This will result in the visitor being diverted to your main .tel if they type in one of your other .tel names into the browser or discover it some other way.

Remember, this will only work if there's nothing else in the .tel domain that you wish to divert automatically to your chosen main .tel domain, so make sure that the domain you wish to divert has no other content in it. You can also divert it to a sub-page of another domain, but it won't divert to any other domain extension – this is specifically a feature for managing multiple .tel domains.

3) Rich Snippets
We've updated the way in which .tel presents this information within the template, which should deliver even better information back to Google and as a result, present even better information back to the person searching so they can click on the .tel to proceed with their search.

4) Support for more third party icons
We've updated support for more third party services on the .tel, looking at feedback from the community and actual usage of these services listed in the .tel domains.

We are still working on the final item listed in the September newsletter, the new templates and we will provide a development update in the next newsletter due out this month.
Aled, is this feature a 301 redirect (Permanent) or 302 redirect (Temporary).

I hope it's a 302, since a 301 redirect will result in the original .tel (if indexed by the search engines) being de-indexed - it can then be a problem in terms of timescale getting it re-indexed again when you start developing it.

Please could you confirm that the redirect being applied is a 302 (Temporary) one ?

It's a 302 redirect.


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