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Como crear un directorio en un dominio .tel

Building a .tel directory for every city, town or village is very simple.

"Register your city/town/village name now, before someone else grabs it!"

You can start building your geo directory with a limit of approximately 2975 premium tel pages (leaving 25 tel pages for categories) based on the Telnic's limit on sub domains (which is 3000 at present).

Following is an example how to build a .tel directory with 5 categories (you can increase this according to your needs)

Step 1 -

Create a directory tree with 5 categories as follows:
- these are the "links to folders" going to be visible on main page -

note: It's better not to have too many categories on the main page, 25-30 is advisable (again its up to you anyway).

Step 2 -

Then keep on adding anything (names of business/shop etc) you want as follows:
(IMPORTANT! When you use the CTH to create folders, there is checkbox labeled "Create a link to this folder". If you check this the folder you create will be visible on the telpage. But, remember that you cannot reverse this using the CTH. However, you can hide or display this newly created folder by using TELcp at www.telcp.com.)

bakery.mytown.tel - (to be listed under the premium name for category "bakeries")
greengrocery.mytown.tel - (to be listed under catergory "groceries")
thedentist.mytown.tel - (to be listed under catergory "dentists")
doughnuts.mytown.tel - (to be listed under category "bakeries")
partysupply.mytown.tel - (to be listed under category "caterers")
partydresses.mytown.tel - (to be listed under category "boutiques")
- you can create up to about 2975 sub domains like this -

note: This way you can have a nice n short address for your .tel page, And its the one that .tel page user will display on the namecard/bizcard or in the letterhead. Easy to remember. Biz name + Name of city+town+village .tel.

note2: If you do not wish to use the services of TELcp at www.telcp.com, then you must note down the list of sub domains and their URLs. And make sure that you leave the checkbox labelled "Create a link to this folder" blank.

Step 3 -

Now you must select the telpages you created under Step 2 and add tem as "Contact Information" under the categories you have created under Step 1.

note: Once again remember there is limit for the number of records per page (which is 100 and it includes images, text ads etc).

Step 4 -

Now, if you use TELcp at www.telcp.com, select the root domain and "Hide Folder Link"" by selecting "Manage Folder Links" on the popup menu.

If you followed note2 of Step 2 (that means you are not using TELcp), you do not have to do anything because those folder links are not visible from the right beginning.

- That's it.

The idea is to provide each telpage user a unique identity in their own city/town/village.
You can start this type of a geo directory small and grow gradually. Even if you charge US$5 a page you will get 5x2975. But this will not happen by magic.

"Check here if the city/town/village you live is still available. If available register it now, before its too late !"

- Cheers!

P.S. "this space will be replaced with a sample .tel domain to explain the above directory structure - hopefully after the weekend".

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