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¡Con lo fácil que es crear un dominio .tel!

Do Tel – Claim Your Domain

Professionals have yet to pick up on using a .tel domain to brand their online image and identity.  The only reason must be a lack of knowledge.

Never has anything so powerful and cheap been ignored by the business community.

A .tel is a new TLD that makes it possible for the domain owner to store, post, and manage contact information and keywords directly in the Domain Name System (DNS), the  worldwide system that stores locations of all the web sites in the world.

For the first time in the history of the Internet, personal and business information can be stored directly in DNS.

16 Reasons Why You Need a  Personal and/or Business .tel:

1. Claim your name.  There are thousands of "Robert Jones" or "John Smith" competitors for your .tel.  Be the first.

2. Manage your information.  Add your contact info, text, images, keywords and phrases, as well as locality into multiple public and private profiles.

3. No web host needed.  Your information is saved directly in the DNS system and does not need separate web hosting.

4. Low-cost.  Domains are available for less than $20 per year – and no additional hosting required.

5. Profiles.  Control the information you wish to share.  You can have separate public, private, work, home, vacation, or any other profiles.

6. Business directory.  Create folders for different offices or list employee extensions.

7. Mobile friendly.  Your .tel domain will load almost instantly and read easily in any smartphone.

8. Professional profile and branding.  Attach info to you personally no matter which company, law firm, medical office, or real estate broker with whom you are currently associated.

9. SEO optimized.  Ranks high in the search engines.  Inside a day or two, YourName.tel should appear on the first page of Google when someone searches for "Your Name".  Be found more quickly via search engines. Structured info, keywords and phrases, and links to a domain  name all allow search engines to see the importance and purpose of the .tel.

10. One contact.  You can make YourName.tel you lone lifetime point of contact.  No matter where you are, your info is available to clients and customers.

11. Make modifications almost instantaneously.  Update your profile and DNS publishes the changes usually in less than a minute.

12. Branding.  Put your .tel on your business cards, websites, and sig files.  Your information is always up to date at all times.  For kicks, you can make a simple business card that only shows "YourName.tel".

13. Simple.  Your friends, relatives, and business associates will always know where to go to locate an address or phone number.

14. Location.  Include a map to your office or business location.

15. Keywords.  Utilize an unlimited number of search phrases to promote yourself. You can tell people where you work, your hobbies, your skills, anything you wish to share publicly, and display a photo or logo for easy identification.

16. One-click dialing.  From your mobile phone, you can click on the site phone number and dial instantly.

Caveat:  Like any other personal information, you may not want to post everything.

Information to omit:

* Social Security Number
* date of birth
* home address
* bank information
* financial details

Your username and password are all you need to manage the .tel control panel.  Never share this login with anyone.

Once you have set up your .tel, I recommend you post the link on business cards, online business profiles, websites, blogs, and everywhere you are able to generate business leads or help your existing clients or customers.

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