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http://teldc.com herramienta para manejar los dominio .tel

Una nueva herramienta para manejar los dominios .tel, digna de ser probada.
Hi to all .tel interested.
I am a developer of Yestilo, and we took several months programming a web 2.0 application to create and manage .tel directories as described in http://dev.telnic.org/pages/directories.html
It use the latest web technologies as HTML5, CSS3, AJAX and PHP.
It automatizes the registering, updating, deleting, recover password... in fact, all the processes that lets everyone to submit it business to a .tel directory.
With a pretty user interface based on usability and velocity that use AJAX to stop SPAM without any captcha and a solid codebase based on the PHP bridge of the TelHosting SOAP API, you can create a .tel directory, or, if you want a full proffessional installation, you can contact Yestilo.
The source code is published under AGPLv3 license in http://gitorious.org/teldc, so it is libre software at all.
telDC has a lot of uses because you can create a geographic directory, or create an internal directory for your institution in you don't want to remember all the departments telephones.
All the contributions are welcomed
More info in http://teldc.com


AbouttelDC means .tel Directory Creator and, as the name indicate, is an application to create and manage .tel directories.

It is licensed under the AGPLv3 license, so if you modify the application you must release its source code.

It use web 2.0 technologies as HTML5, CSS3, AJAX (jQuery), PHP5, SQLite and SOAP.

It is translated to English and Spanish, please contact Yestilo if you want to translate telDC to other language.

What makes telDC?telDC allow you to create .tel directories. A .tel directory is a .tel domain that stores a lot of businesses or persons related with a common geographic place, institution, network…

In a geographic related directory, the businesses or the persons of that place can register into the directory, update its data, recover its directory password and delete its from the directory.

How can telDC reduce my business cost?Today it is very complicated to have a decent online presence, but it is totally necessary to any 21 century business.

With telDC, you can join in a existing directory, or, if your institution has a lot of departments or people, you can install your own .tel directory with telDC.

In a medium-small businessIf you join in a existing telDC directory, you have to pay less than around 10€ per year, or it can be totally free, but if you buy your .tel domain the cost can be the double. Other advantage if you join in a telDC directory is that you are with other businesses located in your place, so if a potentially client don’t know your business name, he will navigate on his current location, to a sections and categories and, finally, see your business and call it.

In a big-huge institutionIf you don’t want to googling everyday to search the telephone of a department in your institution, telDC is the solution. It is a quickly system, efficient, secure, dynamic, and cheap. From 20 € per year (the approximated cost of a .tel domain) your institution can have a web 2.0 system to have all the contact information on the cloud.

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