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¿Códigos BIDI en los dominios .tel?


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Your name or brand in 16 more languages!

If you're a Jörn, Júlia or Bjørn, or a Chlöe, 李 or Błażej, you will be able to get your .tel name in your own language from June 15 this year.
You can also efficiently promote your products and services across a number of local markets with the help of language-specific .tel names. These will be easier to use for people in different countries, and will get more queries and traffic in local search engines.

The .tel community is becoming more diverse and global every day, with members in over 170 countries around the world. To support this global use, .tel can include multilingual keywords, subfolders and automatic translation of key information into 17 languages. Consequently, your .tel page will show differently in all browsers depending on the visitor's language preferences, so you can set up folders with language-specific content to cater to your international audience. The next step in opening .tel technology to the world is enabling internationalized domain names (IDNs), so that people in different parts of the world can enjoy registering their .tel names in their own language.

The internet is no longer restricted and organisations won't have to setup a new website for every market they wish to trade in or communities they wish to communicate with – a simple IDN.tel setup will help all their customers find the business and get in touch. Equally, people will no longer be forced to spell their names using English characters only, so personal online brands and contact pages can be set up quickly and efficiently.

Registrations of .tel IDNs will start at 3pm on June 15th, and will support Chinese, Danish, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.
As further languages are approved for IDNs, Telnic will be consulting with the community and adding these where there is a demand.

If you're interested in purchasing a .tel name, check with your provider for details or visit http://telnic.org/idn.html.

Add New Logo dialogue box

"Interestingly we have seen .tel appearing in our Google Analytics stream as a new way customers and potential customers are finding us online. .tel ensures new and potential clients are seeing only our current contact and web information."

Tara Ciecko, CK Golf Solutions Ltd
see interview below

Add New Logo dialogue box

More things to do with your .tel

With the new controls and templates, it's easier than ever to create your own unique space online, and make it memorable and useful for visitors. Here are a few design and customization tips we've picked up from our community members:

Edit your .tel from your .tel page

In the upper right-hand corner of your .tel page, you now have a "Manage" link leading to your control panel. You will have the option to disable it via Settings in your control panel if you wish, or hide the link by using a dark background colour at the top of your .tel page. This way, the link text won't be visible, but you'll know it's there. Hover over the top right of your screen to see the link highlight.

Address: isdecisions.tel
Settings: Template 4, color1 a9c617, color2 4a4a4a, color3 d0d0d0

.tel Search

At the top of your .tel page, you have a search field that helps visitors find information using TelPages. Of course, this is a optional link and if you want you can limit the search to "This .tel", or disable the search completely via Settings > Customize .tel page in your control panel. Keeping the search will help your visitors find what they're looking for, and enjoy the .tel experience.

Address: museeconti.tel
Settings: Template 5, color1 db093d, color2 #8c0808, color3 4a014a, color 4 set to white

Smooth curves and groovy icons

The retro are available with the 2nd template in your Library. With the return of this old favourite custom background, your .tel page will be truly memorable and unique. All the customization features apply, with the search and links lower than usual templates, and your contact information doesn't have the grey boxes that highlight when you hover over them.

Settings: Template 2, color4 8819e3

Colour frames

Create a card-like effect on your .tel by using the same colour for the top and side bars of your page (templates 3 and 5). Choose the colour you like for the frame, and copy its 6-digit colour code into the other sections you want to use it on. Also note how you can use a light grey colour on your page to make your contact information blend in with the background.

Address: emma.tel
Settings: Template 3, color1 3cd2e6, color2 2be6b7, color3 f5f5f5, color4 4885c7

If you like any colours shown in our example layouts, you can use the colour codes from each screenshot. Copy the colour you like, and paste it in the bottom field in the colour picker on the Design tab.

The death of the business card?

How many different business cards have you owned? As time progresses, doing business is becoming more dynamic and people are moving and changing contact information more often – at the same time leaving more footprints on the web, and using more online-based communication channels.

A phone number and email address are no longer enough to do business today, as you also need your other mobile, your Twitter stream, Skype for cheaper calls, your personal or professional social networks, and many other contact details. Many people try and cram all that into a business card, creating a really busy piece of paper which could be out of date the next day.

Do you even need a paper business card any more?

Now that you've got your .tel:

  • It has all your latest contact details
  • You use profiles to quickly change details depending on your location and status
  • You have replaced that bulky email footer with a nice simple .tel

Many people are moving on from the old way of using business cards. If they need to give anyone their details, myname.tel is easy enough to remember or quickly jot down. They've got a point, and now, thanks to many of the tools now available, a .tel can also be stored in an iPhone address book (or Windows Mobile or Outlook contacts) – so all your latest info will be synced up next time your friends/clients need to reach you.

Many .tel owners, however, are still using a paper business card for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Their name/.tel is difficult to spell or has an unusual spelling
  • Their customers expect them to have a business card
  • They are in a industry where it is customary to exchange business cards
  • A business card can be a great way to show how simple it is for people to now access their contact details

One of the reasons why people switch to a .tel "virtual" business card in the first place, to bring all the info about them together without having to cram it all into a piece of paper and reprint every time something changes.


With a .tel you'll find that you suddenly have a whole load more space to play with on your business card, after all, the only text you need on there is your .tel name. Here are a few examples of what you could do:

KEEP IT SIMPLE: Simple, large font and just your .tel can be very effective in getting the message across that you now have a single location for all your communication channels.

PAINT A PICTURE: Why not use all that space for a logo or photo or give a preview of what your .tel looks like.

MOBILE MASTER: With a QR code (a mobile phone readable barcode) on your business card clients and customers just need to scan the code to save all your details to their mobile. Learn more about QR codes.

There are many ways to set up your card. If you have created one, we'd love to see it. You can either add it to the thread on our forum at or email us a copy at community@telnic.org. Whether you decide you no longer need a business card with your .tel or that it's still an important tool for you, one thing is for certain, you won't ever need to go back to the "old" style card with a tiny font to fit in those 20 different contact methods. Thanks to .tel, that business card will also last you forever.

Show them the hCard!

Telnic will enable the hCard format for .tel names at the end of June. An hCard acts a bit like vCard except for the fact that you don't have to click "Download" if you're using applications that support it. Don't worry – there's nothing you need to do in order for it to be activated.

Your hCard is formatted to store automatically with whatever information is published on your .tel.

To maximize the benefits of your hCard, fill in your .tel with your name, business address and work information using the Keywords area in your control panel. Any supported contact items you enter will also map into an hCard-compliant format online. Your vCard will still be available for all visitors, so your information can be easily imported into address books.

As with other microformats, hCard is emerging technology, but it can be a real time saver when you sign up online and give a link to your .tel hCard instead of typing in all your profile information that's already on your .tel page. According to http://microformats.org, more and more browser plug-ins, address books and social networks like MySpace and LiveJournal, start offering support for hCards to improve your online experience.

Search engines are also picking up on microformats. For example, Google is adding support for hCards in search results to display additional information about you, such as your name and job description, or the name of your company and its geographic area.

CK Golf Solutions Ltd

We're Jeff & Tara Ciecko and we are the co-owners of CK Golf Solutions Ltd., a golf management and solutions company. We are based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Our objective is to help golf course owners make more money through business planning, marketing, operational reviews and social media to name a few things we do.

We have been able to position ourselves as the leaders in Western Canada public golf course operations due in large part to our connectivity with owners, operators, associations and key staff members at golf courses in Canada.

Our existing and potential clients all have different communication styles and we respond based on their preferred style whether it is via telephone, email, Twitter, Facebook, our blog or any other medium they choose. We heard about .tel on Twitter from a few respected people we follow and liked the ease the information to connect with them was made available. We wanted the connectivity.

After ordering and replacing business cards a couple of times (at a cost equal to five years of .tel registration) we finally converted to a card that only lists our .tel address, ckgolfsolutions.tel. This enables new and existing contacts to access are most current information (whether it be phone numbers, blog sites, email addresses etc.).

We believe anyone can and should benefit from .tel. Our biggest frustration prior to registering a .tel domain was adding social media platforms and continually feeling our business cards were outdated. We have been using .tel for about three months, and are very happy with the ease we are able to update our information in a quick and timely manner.

Simply .tel is our on-line (and off line) business card available 24/7. We think .tel has a great future and will replace the phone book (if it already hasn't) along with taking over for the need to have Apps on your phone to access business information. You will simply type in a business's name.tel and be directed to their contact information with a map of their location.

Interestingly we have seen .tel appearing in our Google Analytics stream as a new way customers and potential customers are finding us on-line. .tel ensures new and potential clients are seeing only our current contact and web information. We don't really use any other marketing strategies besides .tel and our social media platforms. At this time these are both working well for us!

To read up on more of our .tel stories please visit: http://telnic.org/community-stories.html.

How do you use yours? - Pascal Dufour

Use your .tel to drive all your communications, serve as your brand, and generate revenue with advertising. Pascal Dufour, artist and singer, uses pascaldufour.tel to share his up-to-date contact details and information about upcoming gigs. Pascal has been kind enough to allow us to create a little advert about him. Tell us how you use your .tel, and you too may be featured in future.

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