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Join Telnic's Fun-filled Treasure Hunt

Follow Emma's exciting adventure across the world to uncover hidden clues and solve the riddles to win a fantastic prize. Here's your chance to set off on your own .tel adventure and join in the fun. Are you up to the challenge?

Over the course of the next 10 weeks you can join in the fun with our fantastic treasure hunt.
We've teamed up with celebrated author, playwright and Sony-nominated script-writer Robert Shearman to bring to life a story that follows on from our award-winning advert, featuring the much loved characters of Emma and Ben (and the other guy) meeting on the train.

Each week you can follow Emma on her fast-paced dash across the world. You'll have to help uncover hidden clues within her journey and solve the riddles that will eventually lead to a secret. A fabulous prize will be given to the highly deserving individual that manages to go the whole way and unravel the mystery puzzle. As the worthy winner of this complex challenge you'll win a £5000 voucher from our travel agent towards a trip for two.

Don't miss out on the fun fuelled adventure - to enter the competition, visit No purchase is necessary, so .tel your friends, family and colleagues about the competition!

We're delighted Rob has agreed to write this for us, as he has recently been nominated for a Sony Radio Award for his work with the BBC last year. He is most known around the world for the work he has done on the recent series of Doctor Who (for those that know the series, Rob wrote the television episode "Dalek" for the 2005 series of Doctor Who produced by Russell T Davies), but he's also had his plays produced by Francis Ford Coppola and worked for many years with Allan Aykborn. His first book, a collection of short stories called Tiny Deaths, was named Best Collection at the annual World Fantasy Awards in 2008. In 2009, one of the stories from the book, 'No Looking Back', was selected by the National Library of Singapore for the Read! Singapore campaign, ensuring the story was published separately as a mini-book and distributed all over the country. More information about Rob can be found, of course, at

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".tel domains are perfect, especially for new mobile-based communication channels. Lots of our customers have been looking for modern and easy-to-use methods of reaching their clients and integrating several 'entities' on the Internet, and the .tel domain seems to be a perfect fit for this task."

Mieczysław Mazur, StrategieTel
see interview below

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7 steps to SEO success

Ok, so you have your .tel domain, how can you improve your chances of being found through the various search engines?

Here's our 7 step process to get you started:

  1. Give each page a title. Recent updates to .tel make this more important than ever so that every search engine knows what the .tel page is about.
  2. Use the header. This is also crucial in identifying your page and is often what is displayed in search engine results.
  3. Use keywords to give your location and describe what you do, but don't repeat them. We've recently modified the way your location is shown to search engines, so that it is more accessible to anyone searching by a specific location.
  4. Add relevant contact items and subfolders if you need them. Folders are indexed as well as your main page, and will have you add structure and richness to your .tel domain.
  5. Identify other pages that you can link from your .tel, maybe a Facebook page, blog or Linked In profile. And remember to also list these on the .tel itself as cross-linking with highly-ranked resources can give you a boost in search results.
  6. Update this information regularly. It could be your location, special offers or anything that will be of interest to visitors to your site.
  7. Submit to the major search engines. See our tip on how to do this, but be patient, it can take them months to fully index and list a new site.

We're always looking to maximize the benefits that your .tel will bring to you and in the past few days we've made some more changes to improve this further. These include:

  • Enhanced use of SEO tags. As mentioned, your title is now more important than ever in getting ranked.
  • Introduction of Canonical tags to ensure that all search results within Google are attributed to the same .tel page. This way, only is indexed and displayed and not
  • Introduction of geo meta tags to assist with location-based searching. These are tags that help search engines which include a "where" search to identify the location of a .tel more accurately.

If you'd like to know more about SEO, see the presentation by our CTO, Henri Asseily.

What does your .tel look like?

The design aspects of .tel domains are gaining popularity with more and more owners adding their photos, business logos or simply related graphics to their .tel domains. See some examples on the right that can help you choose your own colour scheme and give ideas about graphics.

To help you personalize your .tel really easily,* offers free hosting and integration services. Upload your image and add your Twitter account, and you will get a link for the Logo. Now your .tel has a new dynamic image with your latest Twitter status showing every few seconds. Another tool by*, adds visitor counters to your graphics, so that you know how many people have been to your .tel.

Coming Soon

The next update to your control panel will bring more goodies for customization and visual design. For example, an optional TelPages search bar will be introduced for all .tel domains for easier navigation on large domains. It's up to you to limit the search to your domain, allow searching all .tel pages, or disable the search altogether.

Customization settings will also include an optional link to "Manage your .tel" that will show at top right of your .tel page and lead to your control panel. The .tel logo will also become clickable and linked to for comprehensive information about .tel domains.

And finally and most importantly, you will see the Template Library in the Design tab. We'd like to thank the .tel community for feedback on the templates. Below the colour pickers, you will find a Template Library with:

  • Default template that's in use now
  • Retro style template
  • Narrower template of fixed width
  • White heading template
  • Narrower template with white title

To apply a new template, select it in the gallery and click Save. The colour pickers will be updated with the new template, so that you can continue editing the colours. This spring, custom colours and logos are a must-have for all .tel pages. If you wish to share your unique .tel design and layout, join our community forum:

Examples of .tel





Blue 2:




Pastel 2:





*TelImg & TelMasters are independent 3rd party tools. Telnic is not responsible for these services. Please contact the providers for questions and comments.

In focus: Poland

I'm Mieczysław Mazur, and I'm involved in the promotion of .tel domains and services based on this technology in Poland. I got involved in .tel at the beginning of 2009, when there was the opportunity to register .tel domains and when I set up StrategieTel. Together with my business partner, we analysed the features of the .tel domain and its potential use, both at that time and in the future.
Based on positive results of our analysis, as well as perspectives in connection with the mobile Internet, targeted advertising and modern social and communication trends, we decided to create a .tel portfolio. My previous experience and interests, such as several years in a B2B information agency, media analysis, the Internet, etc. made this decision easier.

In your opinion, what are the prospects for the development of mobile Internet in Poland?

.tel domains are perfect, especially for new communication channels which are mobile – in the near future the demand will increase. Lots of our customers have been looking for modern and easy-to-use methods of reaching their clients, presenting information and integrating several 'entities' on the Internet, and the .tel domain seems to be a perfect fit for it. It also has a high possibility of becoming a standard for mobile devices and reinforces the position in search engines, especially in connection with new media, such as Goldenline, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, etc.

Current research shows the direction in which the Internet is heading, although the scale is not fully known yet. According to the studies conducted by "Mobilnośd 2010", 97% of those surveyed regard the Internet as standard thing, 19% of those interviewed use the Internet "on the go".

The mobile Internet, which is mostly used to contact friends, pass information and do business, is becoming trendy in Poland. The increase is accelerating and the potential is very big. I anticipate 100% increase within 3 years, as a recent Morgan Stanley report shows.

We should remember that such a trend means popularization of iPhones, Blackberrys and other already popular and modern mobiles. This growth creates perfect conditions for .tel domains for individual and business users. We believe that .tel will become as popular as www or cell phones.

Poland's Figures

97% of users consider internet a standard

19% (14%) use the mobile internet

100% increase in internet usage forecast

250,000 iPhone users in Poland

40% of businesses have no website

13.6% increase in advertising forecast

What is your view on online advertising?

ZenithOptiMedia forecasts an increase in online advertising in Poland in 2010 of up to 13.6% of the whole advertising budget - in a generally stable market. I think we will observe a big increase in 2011 and 2012, which will be additionally reinforced by The World Cup euro2012. There are many reasons for such a trend to take place and the dynamics are there to reach several dozen percentage point increase. Replacing the Internet with mobile Internet will draw the attention of advertisers, and companies will follow their customers, which we hope will be strong and permanent phenomenon.

How is your company planning to promote .tel?

We have many ideas, some of which have already been implemented at the moment of registration of particular .tel domains. For example, we are preparing a football-related .tel for football fans; it will run in 4 languages (Polish, Ukrainian, English and German), and will attract many businesses, advertisers and fans. We are also organizing .tel training sessions for marketing strategy and communications specialists starting soon.

As a .tel domain reseller, we have prepared .tel guides in Polish and have translated the .tel proxy, which will launch in May by the time our website gets a new design and more materials.

Poland's resources on .tel

In short, Poland is an interesting market, isn't it?

I can assure you that it is an interesting market. I believe that Poland will be very important market for Telnic, the .tel domain, media and communication channels and an important part of online and directional advertising for the European market. I'd like to encourage foreign readers to visit Poland, which is a beautiful country with big perspectives and warm people.

In Black and White

My name is Heidi Bjork and I am an artist living in Kópavogur, Iceland, which is close to Reykjavik. Art has always been my passion but it was only last year that I decided to focus on my art and use the internet to promote my work.

It was my fiancé who bought my .tel domain for me. I had no idea what it was, I had never heard of .tel. He had seen a video about .tel on the internet and said that in the future most people will have a .tel. He told me I would have this address for the rest of my life, I wouldn't need to write down or give people information about my business, my location, my phone number, my email address, my twitter page, or my website, this information will all be stored on my .tel page. I would just tell people my .tel. I thought this would be great for me in the future.

Having used, I can say I like because it's organised. It shows all of my internet sites on one page in a clear way. I like that people do not have to log onto a site and add me as a friend before they can view my contact information. I can update my information quickly, use privacy settings and add as much information onto my page as I want. Folders are great to keep the information clear and easy to follow.

This year I will send my work to art publishers in Europe through the internet and my .tel will be a directory for all online pages to show the publishers my work. It will be my online business card.

I feel that being discoverable on the internet is really important for people working in the arts and especially for me living in Iceland. From May 2009 I have used the internet to promote my art because I wanted more people to see my work and comment on my paintings. Becoming discoverable on the internet has made a big difference to my life and has made me enjoy my art even more. It is really exciting to have comments on your work from people all over the world.

Generally, I think everyone will benefit from owning a .tel in the future. If they have information in different places on the internet, on different websites, different social media pages, then they will benefit from a .tel and store all that information in one place. I think it will also be good for businesses that need customers to find their information easy and fast. With .tel you can tell people where to find a lot of information about you or your company in a few words and they can view this information really fast, wherever they are. Maybe .tel will be big in the future, bigger than people realise right now.

For examples of .tel used by artists & instructions on setting up your .tel to meet your professional needs, please refer to > .tel for you > Professionals > Artists.

Embed your .tel into your .com

Does your .tel change as you go through your day, while the main company contact-us page doesn't? Integrate your .tel easily into website so that all .tel updates are display automatically.

With the new webmaster tools, adding .tel to your website is very easy. Simply include a line of code to embed a link to service with your .tel. You can choose which information to display: logo, heading, contact information, embedded map, or links to folders.

For seamless integration, use your website's stylesheet so that the .tel information shows as an integral part of the web resource—with the advantage of real-time updates; see details usage instructions.

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