martes, 17 de marzo de 2015

Telnic cambia de dirección

Starting this month Calder & Co., a firm of accountants, has taken over the business of Telnic & Telnames:
Calder & Co
Chartered Accountants
16 Charles II Street

Telephone: 020 7839 6655
Fax: 020 7839 6016

Google Mobile deadline approaching, but you don’t want to use .Mobi

Responsive design, not a separate website, is key to going mobile.
On April 21, Google’s search rankings will undergo a “significant” change on mobile devices. Websites that are mobile friendly will get a big leg up on those that aren’t.
The .Mobi domain name wants to take advantage of this, and tweeted this today:

Let me be frank: using a .mobi domain name is a bad idea.
.Mobi was an interesting idea, almost prescient when it originally came out in 2006. Mobile web browsing was about to take off with the iPhone coming out a year later. But the mobile web has change dramatically, primarily thanks to responsive design.
The need for a separate domain name to host mobile content has passed. Using a separate domain name, such as .mobi, is a really bad idea. Instead, your existing website — which already has search rankings — should be made responsive.
One site, not two. One site to optimize for search, one site to publish all content.

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