lunes, 30 de marzo de 2015

How to redirect a .tel to another .tel?


1. Delete all contacts and all other entries like header, location, folders, pictures, videos and keywords.
2. Delete Google AdSense.
3. Enter one contact type "Go to a .tel" with the .tel destination address.

You don't need to delete:

  • E-Mail settings
  • Google Analytics
  • Design settings


  • The redirection won't work if the .tel destination address is redirected itself.
  • You can redirect a .tel only to another .tel, but not to other domain extensions like .com, .net etc.
  • You can also redirect a. tel to a sub-page of another .tel.
  • You can also redirect a. tel from Telnic to a .tel from Telnames (and vice versa).

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