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Telnic announces all-numeric long domain strings available from 15th October

Post by TELwax
This is what we have until now as identified usecases for registration of long numbers , whatever their popularity to be, or any distinctive added value for the money  :
(please add some other realistic ones if there are still some )

So we have :

1. enterprise getting their hot line number to display through TEL more options to call their call center or other number on PABX or access to specific areas for Customer care on the enterprise website

2. not hyperbranded merchants but with nice easy-to-remember long number, willing to drag attention to other digital  assets or incumbant website

3. known (branded) merchants with some existing long number, willing to drag attention to their other main digital assets or their official website, their opening hours and coupons, in case their long number is already registered in many directories and yellow pages and on their fleet of vans.

4. cold call heavy campaigns specialist willing to get traffic back on the long number set for the campaign from lookup search originated by thousands of callees who did no respond but want to know who called

5. merchants and shops , after being offered coupons for a long number TEL , offered by Hibu or other YP companies to attract and lock customers in their online directories though longnumber dot TEL entry gift

6. mobile email anonymizer : register mobile number XXYYZZPPQQRR.TEL  for your number and tel your contacts on your voicemail or auto SMS responder, they might sent you an email at  telco1@ thismobilenumber dot TEL or telco2@ thismobilenumber dot TEL to drop you a message in a convenient manner, or to download you latest vCard

7. As your friends know your mobile number already , or as it is already registred on their mobile phone book, just TEL them on your voice mail or by SMS that now to get more related updated info about you, or your  , just need to search adding dot TEL to your number (to easily retrieve in mobile friendly format from their mobile, your FB account, your email, latest photos or phone number or address of that bar were we gather on Thursdays  nights, phone number of the tennis club where you can meet, etc). You may give them pw to access TELfriends zone attached to your number

8. Protect your expensive latest smartphone by registering its 15 to 16 digits unique ID number so called IMEI number as a TEL, to reduce possibilities for thieves to extract some money with your smartphone reselling on "second" hand markets ,as now its IMEI can be Googled by anyone before buying/reselling it, and encourage being returned back the soonest at contact details shown on the .TEL now attached to your smartphone through IMEI.

9. If you are a TAXI  do register under dot TEL your long phone number with the vanity tag 8294 in it, to get additionnal traffic to your booking website or to get your phone number rank better in wild search from Google for Taxi + location (to be explained how by Registry )

10. Florists, PIZZA, etc might also register their long number with vanity tag for PIZZA or FLOWER that they do rent at high monthly for years now, to build more internet visibility throught this vanity long number they have been paying fr msuch a long time, and get more online and mobile traffic and sale orders.

11. Promotion of so far unbranded proximity services :
BTL basic street marketing and informal street marketing of proximity services by individuals or smal businesses ( painter , gardening, massage, dog groomer, babby sitter etc ) promoting their phone number written on flyers pin on walls or message boards with detachable parts that you tear off for to keep the phone number to call later....

Printing on the flyer also a QRcode which directs to ( to allow preliminary  discovery) , and printing  onto the detachable part of said papersheet to be picked-up,  the phonenumber .TEL along with the phone number itself, might show more chances to trigger mobile discovery and bookmarking of such easy retrievable proximity service/offer, instead of an anonymous ugly-mobile-phone-number-once-saw-but-could-not-retrieve-nor-check-more-info-or-without-engaging-into-unless-by-anonymous-voice-call-or-not-anonymous-SMS-query.

Therefore providing a basic mechanism from everyday technology (street flyers and papersheet on messages boards !) to increase chances to be get discovered and in touch with anyone  by their prefered mean of communication as :
a. Calling NOW the promoted phone number /service because it matches your urgent need
b. Discovering now or later their phonenumber .tel from their mobile on the go, which dot TEL has all the different contact methods on it plus basic presentation of service, and can be mobile bookmarked by user for more convenient later use.

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